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    Plasterer recommendations Adelaide

    Hi Would anyone be able to recommend a plasterer in Adelaide (good work & reasonable price) to repair wall cracks in an older style house? Thanks
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    Adelaide market?

    Hi It's been a few yrs since I've been on here. We've been living in Adelaide since May last yr and have just started actively looking around to buy a PPOR now that we are certain of the area we want to be in. We have noticed the market has dropped since moving here, we still think the...
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    Moreton Bay council demands extra money?

    Hi Poppy We had the same extra charge applied to our IP that we built in D Bay last year. My understanding is that the rates charged at the beginning of the FY were for vacant land, so because the Caboolture District bills rates on an annual basis, once building starts and sewerage etc is...
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    How do banks treat maternity leave?

    Hi We are expecting our first child in June, so I will go going on maternity leave in May, returning to work part-time somewhere between March and June 09. We want to start looking for the next IP once the current one is completed (we think sometime in April), but we are not sure how the bank...
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    If you want something close to home, Raphael's at Shorncliffe/Sandgate is excellent. Birches at Mt Mee is also very very good.
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    Telecommunication costs

    Hi Sue Can't help too much with the mobiles. Our internet (ADSL2+) is through TPG. We pay $69.99/mth for 40GB during peak and 110GB off peak. For the home phone we have the basic $20/mth package through telstra as we use VOIP (through pennytel) for all our calls (domestic...
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    Bathroom Bargains Anyone?

    Hubby also works for one of the cos I quoted, so I know what staff prices we get the goods for :)
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    Bathroom Bargains Anyone?

    The mark up on bathroom fittings is so great you should try negotiating with the different suppliers (ie Reece, Tradelink). They generally have several different prices for products - staff, builder etc.
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    Which one would you go for?

    Hi Shona I would go for house no 2. I lived in Fairfield while at uni and its a great spot -walking distance to the uni, the city (if you can't afford a cab home), train stations and Coles. The house we lived in was on the cnr of Fairfield Rd - we didn't see it was being a problem at the...
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    Bathroom Renovation - Nth Brisbane

    Hi Could anyone recommend a person/company that does bathroom renovations on the northside (we are around the Strathpine area)? We have a highset house that has one bathroom and 2nd toilet in the laundry. We are considering getting a second shower installed in the laundry. From people's...
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    Building frustrations

    We had my husbands mobile with us (what they eventually contacted us on) which we turned on every day also had email which we checked regularly. Before we left we gave them all of our contact details and my dads contact details who was a backup contact with the builder and the bank. Even had our...
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    Advertising incorrect suburb

    Hi Been doing a bit of browsing on and have noticed several properties advertised as being in a suburb that is different from the actual suburb the property is in (ie advertised as Carseldine instead of Bald Hills). Seems to be where the properties are close to the suburb boundaries. I...
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    Building frustrations

    Hi Letiha Found out about the survey pegs when the soil test/survey was done around the end of June. The builder told us that we would just need to get the pegs in before they started building. We arranged for a surveyor to do this, which he did around mid July (advised them once it was...
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    Building frustrations

    Hi Sue We realise that most builders take around 9-10 months. All other builders we spoke to where up front and told us that. Our issue is that the Sales Consultant was dishonest with us telling us their process took 6mths not 9-10months. If he had been honest with us (we clarified many many...
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    Building frustrations

    Hi Just wanted to post this about our experience with Stylemaster homes for those looking at building in Brisbane. We are currently building a house in on the northside of Brisbane with Stylemaster Homes. The process started back in June (authorising soil tests, contract to be done up etc)...
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    very very low Interest Rate for personal loans

    Hi we both applied for Citibank personal credit a few months back as a cash flow just in case with building the IP and taking a 6 wk OS holiday (ended up not needing it in the end as the builder is very slack and only cut the block yesterday instead of August as we were orignially told)...
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    8 month old IP -roof just collapsed tonight !!!

    Gees! Thats awful. Got to also wonder about the building inspector/certifier???
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    Stockland Development Woodville SA

    Hi I'm curious about the new development Stockland has planned for Woodville in Adelaide's west. Does anyone know what they have planned (website and newsletter don't give too much info) and what the area is like? Thanks Brays
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    Ladies...know of a good facial cleanser??

    Hi Kate I use the dermologica range of products. Can't get them from Coles or Woolies, but you can generally get the range from local beauty stores. I get mine on line (fair bit cheaper) from - delivered within about 3 working days (they have an extensive range of other...
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    Private Schools

    Hi Sue I've heard that it can be really difficult to even get into private primary schools in some areas of Brisbane because of demand (ie you can't get into Guardian Angels down at Wynnum unless the child is baptised catholic). We've already discussed options and we don't even have kids...