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    Discolouration of hardwood Timber Floors

    Needed some advise from the experts in this forum. We recently got someone to rip off the old vinly flooring in the kitchen and laundry and sand/polish it. The wood in some parts of the Laundry has changed colour. I was told that this is not something that can be removed by sanding/polishing...
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    Removal of old gas heater

    Thanks for the advice...Really helpful...
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    Removal of old gas heater

    Hi, We have an old gas heater in our lounge room . The gas heater is fitted in the fireplace. We want to remove the fire place and the heater and patch it up so that we can mount our TV on that wall. Has anyone done anything similar?? And what kind of tradesmen should I be looking for this...
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    Removing fireplace

    Hi, We have an old fireplace in our property as well..A gas heater has been fitted into it ..We wanted to get rid of the heater and patch up the wall as it really limits the space of our lounge room... We had a tradesman come and have a look at it and he quoted about 500$ for the job....But...
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    Kitchen renovation in Melbourne

    chasethesun...Thanks for the pictures ...your kitchen looks great.. We did go to kitset kicthens when we started off shopping around for options but didn't have the measurements ready with us so they couldn't give us an exact qoute...Will try them out.... What about Ikea and Bunnings??How...
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    Kitchen renovation in Melbourne

    Hi, We have purchased our first property about 2 months back and the kitchen is really old and outdated. Any suggestion's on whom to contact for kitchen renovation in Melbourne?? Our kitchen is pretty small and our budget is around 8K ....Me and my husband are not very handy and we have not...