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    PM recommendation Melbourne

    Hi guys, Just a quick one. I have a portfolio of 3 properties in and around Melbourne. (East Melbourne, Greensborough and Mooroolbark) my current agent Harcourts city is useless and I am looking for a new agent to help me manage my portfolio. Does anyone have any recommendations for an...
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    Mooroolbark, VIC

    Hi everyone, I have been looking into suburbs in the East of Melbourne for some time now and I continuously find the Mooroolbark is an up and coming suburb to look out for with anticipated capital growth as a result of the east link and proximity to Eastland and local train stations and...
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    Amendment of planning permit issue- neighbour from Hell

    In 2009, I purchased a house on a large block which had town planning approved permits and plans to build at the rear, which I completed just recently. During the building phase I was notified by council that there was a complaint that had been lodged by my neighbour at the rear and that there...
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    dilemma - should I sell?

    Dilemma , In Nov 07 I purchased a bite size piece of East Melbourne in my studio apartment for 175k. Since then I have monitored a relatively flat growth rate until recently where sales of two similarly sized studios have sold for 255k and 287.5k respectively. Should I sell? My gut feeling is...
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    To those who have invested, are investing or have looked into investing in Footscray, Vic. What are your thoughts on this suburb, it is obvious that Footscray's reputation is not fantastic hence why I have created this thread but so many advocates believe this suburb is transforming and...
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    Rental Supply information

    Hi everyone, I was hoping that somebody could point me in the right direction. I require information containing the amount of rental properties available within a postcode. I have details containing the percentage amount of people who rent but to work out whether there is an under or over...
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    Bayside apartment vs outer suberb unit/house

    Hi all, I am looking at purchasing my second IP in the next month or so and I was very curious to find out the thoughts of any experienced investors on this forum. This is my dilemma, purchasing either an outer suburb property in Melbourne (Templestowe, Eltham) for 350k-400k or purchasing...
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    smallest washer/dryer?

    Hi everyone, Looking to add value by introducing a washer/dryer. Does anyone know what is the smallest one you can get and how much they are worth? Also, is adding such an item worth it? Cheers Mykie
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    Fully Furnished VS Unfurnished

    Hi all, I have been renting out a place in East Melbourne for close to a year now and have had to move in for a little while due to FHB grant. I plan to stay for 6-9 months, after which I will be moving on. My question is, is it worth leaving the unit fully furnished for the next tenet and...
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    Using a buyers agent, Is it worth it?

    Hi everyone, I am really keen on purchasing a property in Invermay Tasmania due to affordability and its potential for high capital growth given it is only 2km from launceston and right near York Park (second home of the hawks) As I live in Melbourne I am looking at using a buyer's agent to...