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    Thoughts on Ermington

    Looking at purchasing IP around $500K - $600K mark...with granny flat if reduce repayments. Also would like some capital growth when the market decides to pick up. Any thoughts on why Ermington has increased in value so much over the last 3 yrs and whether you believe this will...
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    Is Rhodes finally safe?

    Hi All There has been a lot of threads on the toxicity of Rhodes..however from what I understand the rhodes remediation project has been completed and ongoing maintenance and testing continues to occur. So does that mean Rhodes is safe to buy? Or are there still issues? If so whereabouts?? Any...
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    Winston Hills thoughts??

    Hi All Looking for PPOR and Winston Hills seems like a really lovely suburb..quite family oriented with lots of parks and a local shopping centre. Good access to M2 and close to Parramatta shops, Castle Hill, Bella Vista etc. I like the area when I put my family hat on..but from an investment...
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    unit prices in Homebush West

    Hi All Saw an article in the weekend paper predicting best Sydney suburbs for growth %. Predicted that Homebush West will have 35% growth on the median price of houses in the suburb. There was a separate section on moving prices for units. No mention of Homebush west. If there is growth...
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    Offer made- Homebush West

    Hi All I would really love you to share some thoughts..have posted a thread previously, but now really really seriously- about to purchase a 2bd unit and getting cold feet as this is my first IP. Areas I had in mind were Homebush west or Westmead as both within my price range. I like...
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    Thoughts on Westmead vs Homebush West??

    Hi All Looking at purchasing 2 bds unit in Westmead or Homebush West...quite different areas (both same kind of price range, but one is closer to CBD one is closer to Parra CBD). I can afford up to $350K...thoughts on: CG? Yield? Overall preference and thoughts?? Would really...
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    Narrowed it down to Guildford or Meadowbank

    Been going round and round in circles and now contemplating buying 1st investment property (house) in Guildford up to $400K. What are peoples thoughts on the area? and Guildford as a good investment choice with respect to CG, location and rental return?............still really considering a...
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    Is an old unit worthwhile?

    Went for a drive around Meadowbank today (which took me a whole 5 mins haha). I want to buy a unit there..but my budget is $ even though I love the new apartments...I can't afford it. Do you think it is a good idea to buy a 2br unit in the old part of Meadowbank to get my foot in the...
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    2br units in Meadowbank

    Been going round and round in circles and looks like a 2 br unit (carspace incl and internal laundry) in Meadowbank for an IP may be an option. Is anyone familiar with the area? what's the vacancy rate like? yield? capital growth? (Top Ryde is close, Macquarie etc, train station, Victoria Rd...
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    thoughts on OTP investment

    Been stuck for a while and looks like I'm heading towards purchasing OTP in QLD...the whole new property thing, depreciation, good yield, low maintenance etc seems to make a lot of sense - and then using the equity to buy a 2nd IP. However I am new to this....can anyone share their thoughts...
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    old vs New..what to do???

    Hi Looking at invest and am confused as to what way is best..old house closer to Sydney CBD (bout 14km) eg ermington, rydalmere or brand new house and land package in QLD (eg bellmere) or Melbourne?? Really need some opinions as to what is best? pros and cons?
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    Ermington, Rydalmere, Telopea??

    Hi Wanting to buy in Ermington...but does not seem I can afford it..What do you think is better as an alternative Rydalmere or Telopea?? Housing commission? Predicted growth? rental returns?
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    House prices

    With interest rates on the rise you think house prices will fall or rise?