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    Getting a better rate

    Thanks Peter. What kind of valuation will stack up to a lender (in this case ING)? From what I read, not the best lender in terms of equity access, but did manage to avoid LMI, so worthwhile. I do want to achieve the lower rate and dont mind coping a bit of a fee to do so (the reduced rate is...
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    Getting a better rate

    To add a twist on this - what about with some lenders with different rates for different LVRs... how can you transition to the lower rate in times of market movement without changing lender? I've bought in December 14 (so not long ago), and done some minor cosmetic renovations that were...
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    anz 5 yr.. 4.59%

    FIXED RATE REDUCTIONS ING DIRECT will also reduce the fixed interest rate on all terms effective from 10 February 2015. Refer to the interest rate table below for details on fixed rates from that date. Please note, where an Orange Advantage customer applies for a Fixed Rate Loan, they may...
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    SMSF Loan

    Never seen a SMSF loan with an offset attached. I know redraw is forbidden, but wasnt aware the banks were daring enough to attempt an offset? As for 6%? Thats steep. The last two SMSF deals I was involved in were both sub 5%. One LVR at 70% (NAB), the other at 60% (Broker quoted - purchase...
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    90% with (almost) no LMI for everyone!!!

    No, I dont work in an accounting firm. Moved into a company as their internal accountant. I guess its good to know that this promo more likely than not benefited us as it doesnt seem like no LMI (or $1 of LMI) would have happened.
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    90% with (almost) no LMI for everyone!!!

    It was a case of dumb luck too - timing just fit perfectly. We got lucky I think too.. Got pre approval prior to it being pulled on the 15th, then submitted for full approval on the 16th with lower borrowing amount and contract. We're definitely settling with ING - not a huge issue of...
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    90% with (almost) no LMI for everyone!!!

    I ended up going direct with ING on this $1 LMI offer as it timed in perfectly when we went to auction. LVR of 89.9% (borrowing $560k), all confirmed and ready to settle next week on our first home PPOR. 4.89% variable which I'm pretty happy with. This all happened very quickly in a very hectic...
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    SMSF Auditors

    Accounts preparation fees depend greatly on the skill of your record keeping (and not surprisingly, the number of transactions/investments held). If you dont want to do any of the accounts work yourself, do yourself (and your accountant) a massive favour and lever arch file it as it comes in...