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    Is the property market about to bust?

    Interesting how there are some who are saying we are in for the mother of all property booms and others who say the opposite. Maybe they are both right and the timing is the thing. An article to argue about from market oracle website... (I hope the link inserts ok -first time doing that)...
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    Brain knotted....How would you do this?

    Hi again, Wife is curious as to what you mean?? We do get on fine and she's right behind the project. Andy
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    Brain knotted....How would you do this?

    Hi TPFKAD, Thank you for your input. You have summed it up very succinctly… much clearer than I could have. I like your ideas. Keeping it in my name and having a separate binding legal agreement to protect each person’s interests seems a good plan. You are right in that getting the last...
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    Brain knotted....How would you do this?

    My brain is going round and round without getting good answers….Any ideas?? My story is I own two blocks side by side. One block I developed with four villas which I have held and rent out (not strata titled) Next door block has old house which is to be demolished and DA has just come out for...
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    Negative Gearing with a twist

    A "trick" from "Saving Tax on Your Investment Property" by Julia Hartman and Noel Whittaker is if you are both first home buyers you can qualify for the FHO Grant as long as you live in your property for the first six months. You could then swap houses as and as long as you rent from each...
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    Discounts on home loan, any one got above .7

    Good work on getting NAB down to that. I've been with NAB Choice package for some time and just had my properties revalued and verbally renegotiated a lend of 80% LVR to $1.648 m and the best they could on the Flexiplus Mortgage for $568k was to come down to 5.99% on that. The variable loan is...
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    Vic speeding fine - don't give a stuff ?

    What a great example for our younger generation!!! I'm probably about your age and I reckon LiL Skater is spot on!
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    Property Development Course

    A website that might be worth having a look at is He has a Real Estate Development e-book available for about $89, also a Land Subdivision one and a few DVD's and a feasability program. Andell
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    Property manager Pro-4 Question

    Hi Stephen and others, As far as I am aware borrowing costs of over $100 must be amortised over five years and you can do that as twobobsworth has said, by journalising the borrowing costs which you've entered as a buy/sell cost to the rental expense category of borrowing costs. As far as...