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    Bruce Canberra?

    Hi all Any views on whether Bruce Canberra is a reasonable suburb for a FHB to get into? If anyone has access to recent sales data for the suburb it would be much appreciated. ;) Cheers HL
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    GST on new residential property

    Hi Just saw a small segment in the AFR today about a Federal Budget measure to now charge GST on new residential properties. I've bought off the plan and about to settle and would be a major set back to think that I have to add GST to the purchase price when I settle :eek: Does anyone...
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    Anyone bought into Vantage Bruce in Canberra?

    Hi all, I've been driving by the few sites in development in Bruce about once every month and I notice that the Vantage apartments looks nowhere near to completion. However the developer's site suggests it will be ready in December 2009? Has anyone heard anymore about this? Unfortunately...
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    People's views as to this Canberra property for an IP?

    Hi all, Continuing on the process of educating myself in property investment (still a loooong way to go). I would be interested in people's views on this property as a potential IP? :) Hypothetical at this stage... just committed to my...
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    Advice re building code in ACT

    Hi all, Bit of a specific question. Unfortunately not much luck finding info on the net. Are there any rules in building code for the ACT re ventilation in bathrooms (e.g. that it must be provided)? I've just bought a unit and noticed that a bathroom exhaust fan was not in the...
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    FHB jitters!! Any tips

    Hi all, Previously I posted that I was looking at OTPs in Canberra and today I was allocated an apartment in a new development today. I think I will be going for it! :eek: Any tips for new players? I am particularly worried that on exchange (in 2 weeks) I will need to hand over 5%...
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    Buying OTP - Canberra

    Hi all, I'm a FHB and I've been reading your very useful advice on buying OTP. I understand that there are a lot of risks involved (e.g. changing financial situation post exchange and under purchase price valuation at settlement). However, I was wondering whether there could be some...