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    Simple spreadsheet for IP

    Hi All I know there is already a thread with lots of links to excel spreadsheets but has anyone have a simple one to calculate IP outgoings & income ? Many thanks :)
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    2nd IP & PPOR into IP

    Any advice greatly appreciated ! We bought current PPOR in 3.5 years ago for 250k. We have been making additional payments on this loan in this time & have completed some renovations & the loan is now 210k, valued 7 months ago at 320k. We are currently in advance about 15k on this loan that we...
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    Electricity & Water

    [I] Hi All Today was settlement for our first IP with an open house tomorrow for prospective tenants. (We're in NSW) These may be really silly questions but I am jut wondering what do we need to do about Electricity & Water? I dropped in to the unit today once we got the keys & water &...
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    Insurance on IP - Unit

    Hi All I know there are some good threads on here about insurance but i just want to clarify I am on the right track. We just bought our first IP & it settles in 2 weeks with tenants moving in straight away as the property needs no work before them moving in. The property is a 2 bedroom...
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    Buyers Agent Newcastle/Lower Hunter region

    Hi all Just wondering if anyone could offer some advice on how I go about engaging a buyers agent to help with the purchase of our first IP. I am keen on finding somewhere in the Newcastle/Lower Hunter region & want to get it right rather then blindly find a place with no real experience...
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    New investor seeking some advice first IP

    Hi All I have just come across this website & i'm overwhelmed with the information & advice on here. My partner & I are both 24, purchased our own house about 3 years ago & have just started seriously thinking about getting our first investment property. We purchased our home here in New...