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    Medicare Levy

    As an extra note to above - you dont pay the MLS if you have private hospital cover for the entire year. Need a policy from July 2015 to avoid paying MLS EOFY June 2016.
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    Medicare Levy

    You have to pay the medicare levy if you earn a reasonable income. What you may want to avoid paying is the Medicare levy surcharge (MLS). This kicks in for singles at a base income of $90k and couples at $180k. The MLS is between 1-1.5% depending of your income. Check out the ATO site for...
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    more jobs in brisbane?

    Just my obs: a lot of building/ construction going on, but the mining sector is def slower. Brisbane has a strong govie employment sector so thats always steady. Lot of large retailers opening up businesses. Fair bit of govie spending on large infrastructure on the north side. I think the...
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    Kallangur qld, help needed for ip

    Really? Have not heard even a whisper of this and I work just up the road. That would be great but I dont see it happening any time soon. There was a QUT campus at Carseldine but it was closed years ago because it was struggling. That QUT campus would be a 10 minute drive from Dohles...
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    Springfield Lakes vs Burpengary, QLD

    Dunno about Springfield. Burpengary has loads of land that can be developed. Lots of suburbs north of Brisbane that are being heavily developed. North Lakes, Dakabin, Mango Hill, Griffin area - just south of Burpengary and closer to Brisbane) has a lot of new housing. Lot of new shops, small...
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    Issue from Previous Owners - now neighbour wants to sue me for it

    Read through with interest. Great outcome! hopefully.. as I guess things are not over until the fencing bills are paid! I have a similar problem in the making with an IP. No trees involved, but retaining wall and fence deteriorating with age. My IP is lower. When you read through QLD laws on...
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    First time renovator! Progress images

    Looking great! Should be excellent result. :D
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    Exterior makeover

    Looks great, a lot more modern!
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    Tenants want student boarders

    Thanks for everyones replies. So I checked with my insurance company and they are fine as long as no more than 3 unrelated people are living in the property. Nat
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    Need help renting out property !

    I would put some new carpet in.
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    Tenants want student boarders

    Hi D.T Property is in Brisbane City. Arrangement will be between tenants and students, i believe its fairly informal (non commercial / domestic arrangement as viewed by ATO), no written agreements as such, students pay monthly or fortnightly direct to tenants so they may be there for a few...
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    First invesment property at what age, your circumstance?

    Single 35-44 150-199K I owe, I owe, its off to work I go............
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    Tenants want student boarders

    Hi all Thank goodness I found this forum, honestly. So my tenants (retired couple) have requested permission for "no more than 2 students to stay in the third bedroom". (3 bed 1 bath house). I found out my mums friend has an overseas student stay with her. The student pays $260 week rent which...
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    Game of Somersofts

    Lol. Guess im with the Starks. Winter is not coming as yet - 38 degrees predicted on Thursday.
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    High Yielding Shares Again

    Im planning on buying some "discounted" WOW shares tomorrow.
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    Television pickup

    I came across this today and thought it was rather amusing/interesting. Quoted from Wikipedia: Television pickup is a phenomenon that affects electricity generation and transmission networks, often occurring when a large number of people watch the same TV programmes while taking advantage...
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    First time investor needing some help

    I work in Kallangur. The new railway is being built and should be finished in 2016 (hopefully). Costco has opened in North Lakes. Ikea is supposedly on its way. New extension coming to Westfield. There is a lot of development around Murrumba Downs - Griffin, Dakabin, Mango Hill and North Lakes...
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    Buying a townhouse in a large complex

    Ive got a townhouse in a complex of 40. Never had an issue renting it. People above have good points. In my case someone sold for an extremely good price last year and since then the values have gone up nicely. Last 2 sales have been really good but I guess the market is also better. As Chrispy...
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    does your PM give you exit / entry report with new tenants?

    Ive never gotten one. I know my PM takes photos and does entry/exit reports because I usually get a small maintenance list between tenants and the occasional photo.
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    Pure Rentals Property Management Brisbane has just turned one

    Congrats on 1 year of business. I think word of mouth is a powerful way to grow so keep your current clients happy. Good luck for the future, cheers nat.