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    Bad Friday

    I met a German guy who said said they don't call it Good Friday because Jesus died and there's nothing good about dying so they call it Bad Friday. Actually they don't say 'bad' but have their own word for it because Germans have a specific word for everything.
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    Guests removed from "Who's Online"

    I just noticed guests have been removed from the Who's Online list and only members can be seen. I'm not sure why this function was removed?
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    Do you vape ?

    Does anyone here vape or use e-cigs? Is it legal in Oz? How much does it cost to set up and any recommendations for a specific model would be great.
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    Hot stock tip

    NVAX = Novavax. Listed on NASDAQ. Buy it now. Mortgage your house and buy as much as possible. Currently trading at $8.80 but is about to shoot up when the US government announces these guys have developed a vaccine for Ebola and some agreement with Pfizer to manufacture. My source of...
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    Brunswick is hot for rentals

    I had a 3br house in Brunswick become vacant recently. She was paying $410pw. So I did a reno and PM recommended to advertise it for $475pw. I had 3 applications on the weekend and I've accepted someone who offered $560pw. PM says Brunswick seems to be popular with students so I want to let...
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    Why are people automatically banned when registering from outside Australia?

    Why are people automatically banned when registering from outside Australia? I've put a few friends and acquaintances from the Asia region onto this board but all them say they're automatically banned once they register. Why is it so?
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    Are depreciation schedules worth getting? Depreciation gets added to capital gain..

    I was checking to see which of my places had a schedule in place and emailed my accountant to find out. His reply was there's no free lunch because any deductions you claim now are added back and you pay tax when it's sold. I guess it's something to consider if you intend to sell the...
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    Can I repay my offset from LOC? I bought Medibank shares from offset funds

    The other night I had a few beers and thought I'd apply for some shares in the Medibank IPO. So I logged into CBA and paid for the shares by Bpay from my offset account instead of a LOC. Can I repay my offset account from my LOC without muddying things? The amount is $30k and the LOC is with NAB...
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    Landlord says he will leave house to tenant in his will.. good guy or good strategy?

    Saw this posted on Reddit and think it's a great strategy by the landlord if it's a dog property in a crap area with history of high turnover, vandalism etc. my_good_guy_landlord_came_round_and_shocked_me/ So if you're chasing cashflow and own a property in a low socioeconomic or regional...
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    Which carpet for a rental?

    I need about 80m2 (23 lineal metres) of carpet to be replaced in a house but not sure which type to use. PM recommended a taupe colour 50% wool and 50% synthetic but the carpet guy I spoke to said stains are hard to get out of wool. He recommended a 100% synthetic yarn, solution dyed nylon. He...
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    photographer wanted to take professional rental pics

    My property manager used a photographer that charged me $88 for 6 low resolution pics they use on the internet (800x600 pixels). I asked for the full resolution copies for my records but they want $220 for them. Can someone in Melbourne recommend a property photographer who will give me full...
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    Anyone used lino flooring recently?

    I've got this old house with uneven flooring which has lino (or do they call it vinyl nowadays?) on the floor in the kitchen, bathroom, toilet and laundry areas. I'll be doing a cheapish reno soon and will replace the lino. I think the floor is too uneven for tiles plus it's too cold underfoot...
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    Profiting from war

    Does anyone have any moral issues with profiting from war? I'm thinking of buying some war stock like Lockheed Martin, Huntington Ingalls and SAIC. They're up on average 30% this year due to conflicts in Europe, Africa and Middle East.
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    Alibaba IPO

    I'd love to get some stock in Alibaba (BABA) pre IPO but think it's impossible unless you've got deep pockets or know someone. Looks like I'll have to buy on the day when it lists Sept 19. Has anyone managed to secure any stock before it floats? There's some tips here but from reading the...
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    Login timeout

    Hi Sim, is it possible to increase the time limit before being logged out? I think it's only 10 minutes at the moment. I can click the box to remember me but I don't want to be logged in for infinity if I forget to log out.
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    Neighbour has put split system units on my side of boundary (on his wall)

    My neighbour emailed me this pic of two split system compressor units overhanging my side lane-way. It belongs to the neighbour on the other side who owns the factory. You can see he's attached them to the side of his brick building but they're on my side of the boundary. Is this legal? Can I...
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    Audit Shield (ATO audit insurance)

    Does anyone have this insurance and do you think it's worth it? My accountant keeps sending me notices to sign up or else sign a form to decline the offer. It costs $220 per year to cover 5 individuals and is tax deductible. Apparently if I get an audit by the ATO, this policy will cover any...
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    are rare vinyl records worth anything these days?

    Does anyone have any opinions as to whether vinyl records will increase much in value in the future? Will newer technology make them more or less valuable in the future? Anyone have any good links to places that specialise in this, or is ebay the go? I am thinking about selling my record...
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    real estate ad from 1977

    i found a few pages of the property section in a set of draws i got at a garage sale on the Gold Coast. Its from The Age in Melbourne and its dated Saturday, May 28th, 1977. I hope the writing is not too small to read because it has some interesting info about the history. 2 identical house...
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    can i store files on my website and make them secure?

    Hi all, i have been playing around with my website and updating it and thought that it might be a good idea to create a 'hidden' folder and keep important documents in there. I was thinking it was a good way of keeping important documents at hand such as scans of my passport, drivers...