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    HI, I have emailed all the owners of the Properties that l manage to imform them of this news, and also sent quotes out for the properties to have insulation installed. Just also check that the contractors fitting it leave a certain space between downlights and exhuast fans as this can cause a...
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    property manager - GERALDTON

    Hi Spiderman, This is question we do get asked quite alot, all fee's are negociable to a point, & they are higher than the Eastern states, l have also noticed. With our fee's we do look at the area's like you have stated, and l hope you can apreciate that some area's are "higher maintenace"...
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    property manager - GERALDTON

    Hi there, I work for Andrew Short, as a Property Manger, and l personally feel that we have a good "Team" among us, and we do offer a very good service. I know that there are some areas of Geraldton, that do require a little more "looking after", than others, but the fee's represent this...
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    property manager - GERALDTON

    Yes l could, but l may be wrong for me to say so, as l work for Real Estate in Gero, and Manage Propertys also, but if you would like to know, post back. :):)
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    Propert Manager doesn't return my calls...

    You are paying this company to manage your property, and keep you updated with general details to your investment portfolio, if they do not have the courtesy to return your calls, then l would put it in writing to the principal of the agency. I would be very disapointed if my principal came...