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    Selling IP - 50% now and %05 after 6 months

    I have an IP for sale and have been offered the price that I am happy about. The only catch is that the buyer will pay 50% deposit now which sits in Trust A/C with no interest and 50% after 6 months. The only advantage I have is that I still get the rent for that 6 months. The reason he wants to...
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    Seeking a good reasonable accountant in Canberra

    Can anyone recommend an IP focused reasonable accountant in Canberra. I have 3 IPs and few shares. I keep all the records including share transactions and dividends which I hand them over to an accountant. I recently changed my accountant and was charged a hefty $2300. Is this reasonable fee? He...
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    Fixed Term Interest

    I have a fixed interest term loan of 6.64% expiring in 2010. As all the banks are now lowering their fixed interest term eg 6.99% with 1 year term and the prediction is that there are further cuts to come - is it right time to switch now to variable rate as I have put my property on the market...
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    First Home Saver Accounts

    First Home Saver Accounts On 4 February 2008, the Government confirmed its 2007 federal election commitment to establish First Home Saver Accounts to assist Australians aged 18 and over to save for their first home. First Home Saver Accounts are the first of their kind in Australia and will...
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    Help with IP excel worksheet

    Can someone pls post or help to find an excel worksheet which list all the income and expenses of an IP including the IP details like interest rate, purchase price etc etc. Thanks viphar