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    Tax on sale of IP

    Hi, Are the proceeds of an IP sale added to one's income?..if so... Is there a solution to avoid this legally?..add to super? another investment?...any advice appreciated.. Cheers Mike
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    Handyman Warranty?

    Hi, 2 years ago I had a handyman renovate my Rural IP bathroom/shower...This person had an ABN no. and I paid all my bills via cheque or Bank Transfer. The Shower recess started showing signs of leaking within 6 months. The Handyman refuses to return...ignores my emails/texts.. The...
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    LOC Repayments

    Hi all, Some of you may be helping me on another thread, and I will go to the bank about this...but does anyone know... Say I have a LOC for eg $ 100,000 and the monthly payments are determined as being say $600... If I draw $20,000 do I pay $600 or a portion of $600 ? and 6 mths...
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    Tax on Rental income

    Hi, I need clarification.. If I'm a private individual with one IP.. (1) is the total rent for the year added to my earned income - then taxed at the marginal rate?...or (2) is it assessed income less a seperate tax return? What is the rate of tax on...
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    IP Renovation finance

    Hi all, Just new here, but am impressed by the depth of knowledge!.. My sister and I inherited a small house on acreage, which needs a bit of work - about $20000. It's tennanted for 12 months @ $100pw, but I don't have the cash- should I borrow via LOC or personal loan or Mortgage?. My wife...