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  1. The Y-man

    End of an Era

    Thank you to Ian, Jan, Sim and everyone who made this forum such a great (cyber)place to be. An incredible journey since Anita (Goanna) let me know about this site back in the days when I was on the MSN property chat site, to the first Melbourne meetup (in the lobby of the Hilton), and going...
  2. The Y-man

    End of an Era

    Hmmm..... a parting shot? Freudian slip? :D The Y-man
  3. The Y-man

    1 Bedders in Melbourne

    I had no idea Beanie Girls had bought out whole swathes of the area an is doing so many developments!! :eek: :D The Y-man
  4. The Y-man

    1 Bedders in Melbourne

    What we have found is: yes 1 BR gives better rental yield, but less CG. Have only held a 1BR apartment in Fairfield out of all those suburbs. The Y-man
  5. The Y-man


    Ice, one way is to buy a block of units. In general, the block price is cheaper than buying individual units. In Brissy though, I'd go for purpose built units than converted houses. OR...
  6. The Y-man

    loan repayments weekly, fortnightly or monthly

    Question does not compute - what repayments? :confused:;) You would not be asking that question if you had an IO (or P&I) with offset. With offset, you would put ANY spare cash in straight away to minimise your interest immediately. The Y-man
  7. The Y-man

    Cotton-wool parenting

    Would be my main concern too - sharps everywhere - needle proof gloves or those rubbish picker remote hand thingies. The Y-man
  8. The Y-man

    Lowball offers, questions.

    In Victoria, we usually just sit down with the agent, and write the offer and conditions on the contract and that's it. Repairs conditions like yours are common, or you can make an even lower offer citing repairs you will need to make. Expiry is also quite common (and is 3 days on the...
  9. The Y-man

    Confused about structure NOOOOBBBIEE

    You did something - and more - which beats doing nothing hands down. Good on you. The Y-man
  10. The Y-man

    Greensborough / Montmorency / Eltham

    Yeah, I think the trains come in a day late too...... :p The Y-man
  11. The Y-man

    Greensborough / Montmorency / Eltham

    No. I've lived in Monty and Doncaster (East). Monty, Eltham, G'Borough are much more "country feel" IMHO Don't know how Ivanhoe made it into the mix - totally different area/demographic. The Y-man
  12. The Y-man

    Melbourne outer east where to buy?

    Bairnsdale? :D The Y-man
  13. The Y-man

    Mid melbourne or brisbane

    Actually - none at the moment. You're looking at $1mill + The Y-man
  14. The Y-man

    Mid melbourne or brisbane

    Not sure you'll find any houses in Carnegie in that price bracket. The Y-man
  15. The Y-man

    Caroline Springs and related PPOR questions

    Where's Teshie when you need him? :) The Y-man
  16. The Y-man

    Offset vs redraw mixup

    I take it you don't have $377k in other assets available? Silly quesiotn - but worth asking. You can liquidate other assets, effectively pay off the ip, draw down, and rebuy the other assets. The Y-man
  17. The Y-man

    Using equity from three IP's as deposit for IP#4

    Depends how fast the market is moving as to how often we refinance. If you do the above example with say $200k equity available from each, you can do things like make unconditional offers (assuming Building is ok) on a $600k property, because even is finance fell through, you'd have the $600k...
  18. The Y-man

    Advice for a first home buyer in Melbourne??

    Agree. I tend to look at the 10 years figures (for buy and holds). The Y-man
  19. The Y-man

    What would YOU do?

    Well done by the way! if you are interested in CIP, why not investigate, study and invest in commercial property trusts? The Y-man
  20. The Y-man

    What would YOU do?

    Excellent. Become a hermit permanently. :D The Y-man