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    Been screwed by my agent

    I recently (End of last year) bought a house. I listed it with some agents (no names mentioned but it was a "reputable" name). One month ago they told me they had someone who was moving in that weekend or even the next day. I was at that stage about to change agents as they had had the property...
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    Wee Waa - No Takers?

    From: Land Holdings Hi, I've been on this forum for a while however at the beginning of this year I moved to Wee Waa to teach Maths. It has been an exciting experience to say the least. I own a couple of investment properties in Sydney, however I am now looking at investing locally. There are...
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    10 points on becoming rich

    From: Land Holdings I was listening to the Oprah talk show the other day and the topic was ordinary people, extraordinary wealth. Of course it was pushing a new book that someone had just written, however they had these people on the show who were earning low to medium amounts of money and had...
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    Multiple purchase discounts

    From: Land Holdings I have a question for anyone willing to give it a go. I have just been approved to take out an investment home loan for around 200k. I am looking to buy high yield properties and have found 3 suitable houses that would give me a nice rental return of around 9%. All up they...
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    What NOT to do with residential property

    From: Land Holdings In today's Sydney Morning Herald, in the Money manager section there's an article 'House work: How to profit from your prized possession'. Some of the suggestions for 'making money' out of your property are: 1. Reduce your home loan so that once it is paid off you can...