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    Builders, help! What should I do with sloping block?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm building a duplex on a site which slopes approximately 1 metre from the rear to the front (rear is higher) and have to decide whether to: A) Build the home above the natural ground level at the rear and have steps entering the house at the front...
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    Which councils in Sydney allow torrens title dual occupancy?

    Hi peeps, From your experience, which councils allow Torrens title subdivisions for dual occupancies/duplexes in the Sydney region? I know Parramatta do if you have minimum 15m frontage and 600sqm site area. If you know which council allows it and what their requirements are, post it!
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    Recycled materials for granny flat.

    I'm about to demolish a house and from a builder's perspective, I see a lot of construction materials that will go to waste when it could easily be removed and used to build a granny flat. Granny flats don't necessarily need new and high end finishes, you could easily reuse most materials...
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    Sell duplex off the plan and allow purchaser changes?

    I'm in the early planning stages of a duplex and am thinking whether it'd be a good idea to sell off the plan and allow the purchasers to make changes and customise to their taste/requirements. I wouldn't allow downgrading, but perhaps I could include a medium level of finishes and allow the...
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    Structuring taxes on duplex

    Hi everyone, I'm about to get the ball rolling on planning and building a duplex and selling either just one of the houses, or maybe even both directly after completion. I'm a builder myself and have a company which will be building the duplex. This is my first development and I hope...
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    Owner buider construction loan for duplex

    Hi everyone, I have a property close to Parramatta I'd like to subdivide and build a duplex on, the property would most likely be valued at $850k and I have a $360k mortgage owing on it. From my research, duplexes in the area are fetching up to $900k and by the time my project is complete...
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    To purchase investment property and add granny flat?

    Hi everyone, I've been reading these forums for ages and decided to join. Here goes my first post. I purchased a property near Parramatta in 2008 for $490, since then it's gone up a fair bit and is most likely valued at approximately $850-$900 seeing as though it's a site suitable for a...