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    Failure to meet settlement

    Hi guys, I am in a bit of a pickle at the moment, hoping for some advise. Below are the details. I have finance approval from ING to purchase an investment property, I know ING not my first choice. They took a very long time to approve finance and now they have limited time to make...
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    Insurance against terrorism

    Hi everyone, So this is a question that no one wants to ask or think about but watching the news lately and even reading through some threads on the coffee lounge got me thinking. Should we have our property insured against terrorism?? I have not come across a standard policy which covers...
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    Residential or commercial loan?

    Hi guys. I am having some finance problems and hopefully someone has been through something similar before. I have a contract on a piece of land in QLD. The previous owner has development approval going through council (not approved yet) to sub divide the lot into 20 blocks. The bank is...