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    58 people in a 3 bed house

    C'mon, own up, which one of you lot is responsible for this one?
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    Uh oh. I've done another green DIY kitchen

    It's a one bed flat I rent out around the corner from home. The old kitchen was from the late 70s and was pretty bad. When I started to pull it out, it almost fell apart - it was a bit like an ill, elderly person who knew their time had come. Richard Feynman helped me - no, not Richard Feynman...
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    Has anybody ever installed Bunnings acrylic splashbacks?

    I'm doing a cheap kitchen. I was going to go with a glass splashback, but somebody suggested acrylic. I know Bunnings sell it by the sheet. Has anybody tried it? Scott
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    Just settled on another Marrickville flat

    One bedder. I like one bedders. The entry point is low and the tenant pool pretty big - singles and couples. This one was a good buy for a number of reasons. It's a small complex with no complications like elevators or pools. The sinking fund is okay and from the strata minutes there...
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    My very cheap floor solution is lasting well

    This is the floor in the kitchen area of the warehouse flat at home we have on Airbnb. The place has great, old hardwood floors, but I needed something easier to clean (with no gaps) in the kitchen area. And I wanted something that didn't stand out. So I put down Masonite underlay and finished...
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    Our 'pop-up gallery' at home

    Found a temporary use for the space out the back I renovated recently. Our place was part of an event on the weekend. We had hundreds of people through the studio and the space out the back with the green floor.
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    For the Sydney inner west residents....

    This weekend is MOST - the Marrickville Open Studio Trail. 56 artist studios are open between 11am and 4pm for people to wander around and have a sticky beak at. It's a great thing to do. Our studio at home in our odd property is number 28...
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    Finished my cheap DIY bathroom

    I forgot to post pics and people have been asking. This was a bathroom out in my backyard. It would have been used by the people who worked in the little bakery/factory. It had a HWS in it and two toilet cubicles. I moved the HWS outside and made it one big room. I used second hand stuff...
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    One of those spec houses down the road from me sold

    Mentioned in this thread: I had a wander through on Saturday before the auction. They packed a lot onto that piece of land. The finish inside was great. Not my style, but really well built...
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    Question for the brokers

    I have an Indian couple staying in one of my Airbnb flats who have permanent residency and looking to stay. They are keen to buy something and like the inner west. They're just looking for a flat - one bedder. One of them is starting a Masters degree soon, and the other is looking for work -...
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    I found a new beach on Saturday

    We were up at Forster and just south there is a beach called Seven Mile Beach. I used to think that the reason so many beaches in Australia have a name that reflects their length is that there are too many to name, but I realise now that it?s because when people were settling the coast 100...
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    Two great looking spec houses

    Well, I like them anyway. 2 x 4 bed/3 bath townhouses with garages. They're in my street and I have watched them go up. It was a decent block with an old house owned by one of the old local Greeks. When the house got bowled over, I didn't hold out much hope and expected an awful, beige box as...
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    Our crazy Christmas lunch

    Following on from that thread last year where I said I unashamedly go all out on Christmas lunch, here's a photo. It ended up being 17 people. There were close family, a few local strays, the French couple staying upstairs in our Airbnb flat above my wife's studio, their friends from Paris who...
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    Lost half my livestock the other night

    A fox killed two of my chooks. In Marrickville - about 6klms from the city centre. The two remaining chooks are very nervous, despite me telling them that the chook pen should be more fox proof now, so production is down.
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    Just spent a week as a tourist in Sydney

    I had some friends from Seattle come and stay for a week, so I took a week off work and did the tourist thing with them. We did all the stuff I tell my Airbnb guests to do. We did the walk from Manly to The Spit, the South Head walk (with a beer at the Watsons Bay pub at the end), the Maritime...
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    My deeply unfashionable 'new' dunny

    The tail end of 'the reno I didn't want to start': So much more interesting than a bog standard white dunny. Wait till you see the basin when I install it. I got the cistern, pan, basin with porcelain taps and matching shower set for...
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    DIY tiling - work in progress

    This is the bathroom bit of the 'the reno I didn't want to start'. I've never done much tiling, but I don't mind it - it's a bit meditative. This is a bathroom/laundry out in the backyard, so I wanted it to be a pretty utilitarian space i.e. a hose-out room. The shower area steps down an...
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    For those who grew up listening to AC/DC

    Malcolm Young is in a Sydney hospital with dementia. I'm feeling old.
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    Some advice on waterproofing a bathroom floor

    It occurred to me on the weekend when I was waterproofing the floor of my new bathroom that I was probably going overboard. But lots of DIY guys go the other way and skimp on waterproofing, which is nuts given the problems a leaking bathroom can cause. Tradies often take shortcuts on...
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    Anybody ever been to a settlement?

    I've been a buyer and a seller in a few transactions, but I have never had cause to see what happens in a settlement. Last Friday a place I sold in Port Macquarie was due to settle. I got a call from my conveyancer at noon saying St George bank (my mortgage holder) had put the breaks on the...