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    Good Perth contacts for between tenants

    Hi Can anyone give me any good names for the people required between tenants in Perth. Probably most useful if they're are based north of Perth. We evicted our tenants today and have a foul mess to clean up. I am looking this time specifically for: Cleaners (never used them...
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    Eviction/bailiff advice/experience

    Hi all you helpful people, thanks so much for the advice etc. offered regarding We received a court order this morning for end of lease, possession of premises (due to unpaid rent) and immediate eviction (due to threats to and damage to...
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    Help! Advice needed regarding eviction and rental arrears

    Hi all I have spent a number of hours scanning the threads, but have not found the answers I need. Please if anyone has the time to read through our current situation and has any advice, it would be very much appreciated. Sorry it is VERY long, I am trying to get my head around this all...