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    Profit from House in B5 zoning (Wyong LGA)

    Hi new star, As the property is in a business zone, the quickest way to increase selling value is to submit a DA for a commercial building. sell the property once you have the approval Regards Archi
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    Positive Cash Flow Properties

    Try Brisbane south side, typical it's 6.5/7% yield and will be cash flow positive. Eg. Eight mile plains and sunnybank hills
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    Psychology of IP Expenses eg repairs

    slum lord approach Hi, as a slum lord :cool:, If my PM ask me for expenses such as new air con or repair existing fence, I usually would ask my PM how much rent I could rise by approve the quotation. if an air-con cost me 1800 dollars, I expect to have minimum 10%-20% return on the quotation...