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    owner building - pros and cons

    Hi Guys. I am interested in hearing peoples thoughts with regards to the pros and cons, opportunities and risks with owner building ones own home. A friend of mine is thinking about it (and I have done it) but I dont seem to be able to convince him... Off the top Pros === - Save...
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    An update on my reno

    For some of the old timers on the site just an update for you on how ive built wealth through property in the last 2 years. I have been a bear on property for last 3 years. Sold 2 investment properties ad developed another with the funds (cash). The one we developed we now live in. its a...
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    Planning stamped and approved

    Hi All I have a strange problem I am renovating my house and the council has stamped and approved my plans - happy days. Then it turns interesting. The drawings submitted to council were pretty crap - my architect is an older family member who hadnt done pans for ages. Anyway the plans...
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    My education revolution idea

    Who wants to back me??? What about a real school of hard knocks or atleast university of the renaissance man. Here me out. On the wires today research stating that the education system as we know it is pretty much stuffed. Leading researcher reckons all Australian universities will be...
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    teaching kids about money

    Government Initiative i had no idea about
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    Working party idea

    Im not sure if this has been suggested before but what about the idea of somesofters in each city willing to do some free labour - intense 1 day sessions...maybe once per month and we rotate people houses, invesment properties. Eg. I need some help with some painting, sanding, outdoors stuff...
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    My reno

    Hi team most of you will know i have been on this forum for quite a few years now. Bought and sold 3 houses and now i am embarking on my first larger scale renovation. I intend to keep you guys abreast of the entire process from go to wo. Good discipline for me and hope you enjoy the...
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    Inner vs Outer burbs a usa perspective

    interesting reading "It was predominantly the collapse of the car-dependent suburban fringe that caused the mortgage collapse"..
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    retirement villages

    finally someone has written an article close to my heart. It seems a rort and yet these retirement villages claim they are not that profitable. Anyway the process and the system sucks. I would like my dad to live in one but the costs are too high and just feel like everyone gets ripped off...
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    My little reno

    About 2 months ago I put out an SOS to somersoft readers. I needed someone to do a small makeover/reno to my single fronted 110 year old Victorian House in the Inner North (6km) from Melbourne CBD. We bought this renovators delight 7 years ago and without so much as a lick of paint we put...
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    great way to educate your children

    When the youngest turns 18 buy them a run down reno job. Renovate it together, then flip it. Share the spoils. Let them learn the process, understand money issues like cashflow vs cap gain, how banks work, the time cost of money etc. They can get their hands dirty too....might also pay for their...
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    makeover specialists inner north suburbs

    Hi all if anyone knows a home makeover specialist in Melbourne let me know. Have an ip that i need a little cosmetic work on. 15k budget - asap (like tomorrow lol) Will need carpets uprooted, new easy kitchen maybe a paint job. cheers aussie
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    In the 8 years since I have been in the property market I have never seen the level of media and social hysteria as there is right now with regards to property prices. Especially in Melbourne. And poor Ruddy seems to be copping it left right and centre. It is such a huge issue it could bring...
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    WHere do I sign on

    Victorian Governement to subsidise investors for rental properties! Where do i sign up. Anytime the governement steps in with these ideas its a windfal for savvy investors Todays age 4500 new affordable rental properties for Victoria DEWI COOKE March 12, 2010 - 7:47AM A further 4500...
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    I could live there!

    Here you go Melbourne first home buyers. Who said anything about lack of supply. Stop complaining and live the dream. All these areas have NICE houses under 400k. Lilydale The dandenong ranges Diggers rest - If its good enough for an Olympic champ its good enuf for you! Point cook...
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    a left field idea

    I reckon that fire danger areas are selling at huge discounts to the market. Why not buy one havily wooded house cheaply spend 10k to clear it and whack it back on the market. A nice cleared property in a semi rural suburb might just be wirth the investment.
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    Question - out of the blue

    You buy a house with 30 days settlement. 10 days to go accidental fire burns down the house. What happens to the sale? Gutted. House was vacant. Seller had moved out and now living in sweden. Dont worry im not consdering an insurance job or trying to get out of a purchase. Just got me...
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    Starting a very small business!

    There are probably other threads on this - sorry if doubling up. My website revenue is getting to the point that I can no longer call it a hobby for tax purposes. I will probably have to start a business. Can anyone tell me the cheapest and quickest way to register and start a small...
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    Keen is hardly neutral

    What I find interesting about this article and Keen himself is that he has declared his 'emotional' hand. Not only does he think that housing prices will drop but he he 'thinks' that housing prices are too high! Hardly a neutral position. If for example the Prof saw nothing wrong with high...
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    Rates dropping

    Can any of the mortgage brokers confirm that there has been a bank that actually dropped rates today? I heard this at the coffee shop in conversation. if this is true and it is not widely reported then I am not happy. My media / reserve bank / government conspiracy theories are gaining momentum...