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    cashflow +ve in the city

    The landlord of the place below seems innovative. With rents now skyrocketing in our cities are we heading that way too?
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    SMSF - does the security holder (bare trust) need to lodge a tax return?

    Hi Guys When we recently did my SMSF's tax return the auditor asked my accountant to prepare a set of financials for the bare trust which seems weird to me. Has anyone had the same experience? I would have thought that the bare trust which is a company which isn't trading in anyway...
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    labor are doing something about house prices

    They are making house prices go up....:D :eek: more here
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    Here is a very unique property I'm selling in QUAKERS HILL

    As part of my portfolio restructure I've sold a house a few weeks back and now I'm selling this very unique property I've had for 10 years. This townhouse is unique in that the back yard is 3 times the size of...
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    Anyone interested to sell privately in Sydney & Brisbane?

    Hi everyone As the title says, I'm interested to buy 2 houses up to $400K each 1 in Brisbane and 1 in Sydney but something with potential to add value or to develop in the future. If you have something which you think is of good value and for whatever reason you need to sell it, here is...
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    Rental squeeze hits hard as cheaper housing dries up

    Have you increased your rents in the past 6-12 months? If not, your rents are below market. more here
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    Property market, safe as houses

    more here
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    Selling with tenant, has anyone reduced rent in return for tenant cooperation?

    Hi everyone. I wonder what is a reasonable rent reduction for the inconvenience to the tenant during open house viewings? I know that the tenants have to provide reasonable access but they can be uncooperative and can leave the property in an untidy state so I'm thinking of rewarding them...
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    Market strong but faces its first test for the year
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    Results good but not great

    Here is an update on property sales in Melbourne
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    NSW rentals now require compliance with water efficiency standards

    As of Feb 2010 we need to make sure that our NSW IP's are water efficient or we won't be able to pass on the water usage costs to the tenant. Existing tenancies have 12 months to comply with this requirement. New tenancies must comply immediately. More here...
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    Slower house price growth tipped for next year
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    House prices may be flat but you can bet on rent rises

    enjoy :)
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    Has anyone sold a property using ?

    Has anyone used these guys to sell his property? Apparently they are a registered Real estate agency in Vic and claim to offer 100% selling service (except viewings) using a street sign and listings on domain & and other property websites for...
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    A perfect storm in Sydney property

    Sydney renters won't like this
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    Big four banks caught out over costs

    Big four banks caught out over fake costs more here
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    You've chosen a gold bar - please insert $11,350

    Gold bar dispensing machines are coming
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    yet 1 more property holdings spreadsheet

    Hi I needed an easy to understand spreadsheet to show my bank manager so I sat down and created 1. Sheet 1 is showing properties held in my name, Sheet 2 is showing properties held in my Self Managed Super fund. Sheet 3 is showing Personal + SMSF properties combined. Sheet 4 (risk...
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    Funds & shares - Anyone heading for the exits yet

    Is anyone worried about the sharemarket atm? I am and I think after the recent share market appreciation perhaps we should start taking out some of our gains. more here Abandoning a treacherous market | Karen Maley | Commentary | Business Spectator
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    The great housing dilemma - baby boomers aren't moving

    Until now we were told that the baby boomers were retiring and heading for warmer climates but it appears that it isn't so...