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  1. phil

    Kevin Rudd's hair-dryer saga

    "Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's temper is in the limelight again after claims he "chucked a wobbly" because he could not find a hairdryer in Afghanistan....Coalition frontbencher John Cobb said Mr Rudd became agitated and angry when soldiers could not find one for a photo opportunity....But Mr...
  2. phil

    Resolutions for 2009

    Hi Everyone, I'm interested in what other SS members plan to change / improve upon in the new year. Personally my goals for 2009 are; 1. Lose about 10 Kg. 2. Try to eat better and drink less alcohol. 3. Do as many subjects as I can this year for my Psych degree. Phil :)
  3. phil

    Christmas card / gift to tenant ?

    G'day guys, I think this has been discussed some time ago, but I was just wondering again how many people do this. Perhaps just a card or bottle of wine etc. I know PI is a business, but I also think small gestures like this go a long way. Any thoughts ? Phil :)
  4. phil

    Karratha WA

    G'day guys, Just had a quick trip down the West coast to Broome, Karratha, Dampier etc. I couldn't believe some of the prices / rents offered in this part of the world. A couple of quick examples from the "Pilbara News". For Rent Karratha - 4 x 2 - $2500 per week Karratha - 2 x 2 - $3900...
  5. phil

    Air-less spray guns

    G'day guys, I know there has been previous posts in the past regarding air-less spray guns, but do you think it is a better idea just to hire one for say 24 hours, or buy a cheapie from Bunnings for $150? I just did a quick seach, and to hire for 24 hours costs about $200 (depending upon...
  6. phil

    Anyone with a green thumb?

    G'day guys, Can anyone recommend low maintenance 'drought proof' plants for a coastal area (East coast - North of Brissy). I have a garden bed I wish to replace but am unsure of what to choose. I do like cordyline's, but don't know if they would survive being so close to the sea. The plan is...
  7. phil

    New Year Resolutions - What's yours ?

    Yes, I know. It's that time of the year again when we attempt to change our lives for the better, (and get over the indulgence of Christmas) :) Well, here's mine for the new year. In 2008 I will try to; 1. Hopefully lose a bit of weight, 2. Get fitter 3. Drink less beer and get off the...
  8. phil

    Those who ride motorcycles

    G'day guys, I have again recently been toying with the idea of purchasing a motorbike so I can go on some long rides with friends who ride bikes. I am currently almost 38 and origianlly planned to get my licence when I was 17 (back in 1987 :p ) I was looking at this web site the other night...
  9. phil

    Southern Highlands NSW

    G'day guys, I was just wondering what opinion everyone currently has on the Southern Highlands NSW. Although I grew up in Sydney and my wifes parents currently live on small acreage in the region (Colo Vale), I have not really been back for about 10 years and am a bit 'out of the loop' as to...
  10. phil

    lovely 1980's pink spa and sink

    G'day guys, I just did a quick search but didn't find an answer to my query. I have a spa bath and sink that are a lovely shade of 1980's pink. I remember seeing some product on tv a while ago that will enable me to paint / change this colour to white. I could of course wait until it comes...
  11. phil

    Build new house or not?

    G'day guys, Just a quick one. I have a vacant block of land which I planned to build on at the time of purchase (2005). I recently re-financed this block at 110k, but is more likely to be worth 130-140k. The new existing loan is 106k (IO). My questions are: 1. Would I be better off...
  12. phil

    Any good rental movies out there at the moment?

    G'day everyone, I was just wondering if anyone has any preferences for movies which are out at the video store at the moment. Last night I saw "Letters from Iwo Jima" (subtitled) and "Miss Potter", both of which I thought were very good. I originally hired Miss Potter for the wife, but I...
  13. phil

    SS members helping other SS members

    G'day everyone, I'm new to this forum and don't know whether this has been suggested before or not, but here goes... I know that some investors buy interstate and don't neccesarily have the time or opportunity to travel and inspect properties face to face. Of course I am aware that...
  14. phil

    Lucky street names and numbers

    G'day everyone, I saw a story the other day on one of those 'current affairs' shows about the (perceived ?) decrease in value for properties that have an unfortunate street name; and also remember reading not so long ago about the benefits of a property having a 'lucky street number'...
  15. phil

    Appreciative new member

    G'day everyone, As a new forum member, I just wanted to say hello and tell you how informative this forum is to me. I have been lurking for about 3 years.:o Yes I do tend to procrastinate. I look forward to learning more about property investment from the more experienced investors here...