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    Spare Cash - What to do?

    I have some spare cash which I'm not quite sure what to do with....It's around the 100k mark and I have two options. One is to pop it all in my offset account which would make my portfolio positive to the tune of around $600 a month or to invest a portion in shares (probably an index fund) for...
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    Bubye KRudd

    It was nice knowing you
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    Awnings. Yes or No?

    I currently have quite dated awnings on my PPOR and Im thinking of either taking them down completely or putting a more contemporary fabric on them. What are peoples thoughts?
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    Safe as (average) houses Safe as (average) housesMichael Pascoe March 16, 2009 - 1:18PM It's a reckless soul who gets carried away with any single month's statistics, but there's another speck of light in the housing industry...
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    Recessions don't have to be feared - Ross Gittins

    Recessions don't have to be feared - Ross Gittins YOU DON'T need me to tell you, but I will anyway. Yes, we're in for a terrible year. The economy's almost certain to drop into recession...
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    We shoudl alll listen to Sarah Beeny

    very sound advice
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    Housing heads for a soft landing

    Housing heads for a soft landing Ross Gittins One of the odd things about the economy is we tend to explain whatever happens in purely local terms - Howard did this, Rudd did that, this caused that -...
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    ATTN Stingray

    Hi there, unless you have posted this else where, would you mind giving me brief rundown on your investment background and current situation. You have come onto these forums like a man possessed without any of us really knowing your situation. Cheers The stage is yours..........
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    Very depressing, yes ... Great Depression, no James Kirby November 9, 2008 IF SOMEONE tells me once more that "we're facing a situation like the Great Depression", I'll scream. You can't blame the headline writers for getting...
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    Construction industry faced crisis - Lateline Business story basically says that any slowdown in demand from the credit crisis will be mirrored by a slowdown in construction as both parties will not be able to access finance. the person interviewed says that due to these factors prices will not...
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    Question RE: Agents

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone have an idea as to how much an agent makes in a blue chip surburb (eg Toorak, Camberwell) as a base salary?? And further to that, how much they make as a percentage of the sale for commision?? Many thanks!!
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    Food for thought

    The map above (click to enlarge) is from the latest housing report from the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight [OFHEO], showing the "Four-Quarter Price Change by State" from 2007:Q2 to 2008:Q2 in the OFEHO House Price Index, which averaged -1.7% for the country. However, notice...
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    City of Moreland & City of Hume (Vic)

    Hi guys, I have 2 IP's, one in each of the shires listed above. Number 1 is on 605sqm in Glenroy Number 2 is on 611sqm in Broadmeadows None of them are on corner blocks, however, just out of curiosity would like to know if it would be possible to build 3 townhouses on either of the...
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    US Property Crash

    I keep reading that across the US property prices have fallen as much as 40% I have also heard that California has witnessed falls in some cases by 40% also. What I would like to know (and I'm struggling to find info on) is what the property market is like in say Los Angeles and in the...