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    My latest purchase, Waterford West QLD

    Not all PM's are happy to do this but I was lucky in finding a good one, happy to PM details if you like. I'm using most trades the PM has recommended and sourced a couple myself from service seeking. I just ask for photographs of work done and the PM has a look before payment.
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    My latest purchase, Waterford West QLD

    It's around $830 1/4 Yes a carport would be great, I also would like to tile the lower level but I'll wait for a little bit of growth before doing this. I don't think it would be a significant to the rental income ATM.
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    My latest purchase, Waterford West QLD

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to share my recent purchase with the forum, I know a lot of people are investing in the area and I found these posts useful when looking for mine as to what is out there. I live in Sydney and wanted a buy and hold property for good short to medium term CG, with a...
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    Pre-lease renovations

    I have recently purchased an investment property in Logan, it is currently advertised for rent. Prior to tenants moving in I am having a few renovations carried out and wanted to check which of these will be tax deductible, as far as I am aware, improvements are non tax deductible but repairs...
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    Port Stephens PM

    Thanks for the input, good point about local agents, I guess I'll just have to try again and ask more questions this time around about the tenants.
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    Latest purchase in QLD

    Congrats! Well done. I'm settling in waterford west ATM too.
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    Port Stephens PM

    It's in lemon tree passage, tilligerry
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    Brisbane - Waterford, Waterford West, Beenleigh Agents

    Third recommendation for Kate Handley, bought 2 houses through her, really good at what she does and extremely helpful.
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    Port Stephens PM

    Just thought I would check if anyone has a recommendation or experiences for a PM in port Stephens. As far as I know there are only 2 main PM's One of which I have used and have wound up with shocking tenants both only staying 6 months each. I'm not sure to give them another shot to try...
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    beenleigh vs slacks creek?

    Nothing wrong with the areas your looking. Try to focus on the value of the property rather than which suburb too much. Be cautious in coolingwood park there is a lot Of land movement. I think this was caused by Old mines filled in from Memory?
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    beenleigh vs slacks creek?

    $349 sounds like a lot for a 3/1
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    CGT on land for PPOR

    We currently have our PPOR in port Stephens leased out, may not be moving back here but hanging onto it at least while in the CGT free threshold. I am now consider buying a block of land in Sydney from a new release. Holding it for 2 years then building. At what point would the land and...
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    Parramatta VS Castle Hill

    Both areas have big plans, is the castle hill option the old jax tyre shop units? Very close to the NWRL and bus stops, should be a great investment. Parramatta is rumored to be Sydney's next CBD. I'll agree not very family friendly yet, though definately cleaning up and lots of units being...
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    Box Hill Land release

    Box hill north will soon have its first release. Ej89 it's all on the council website I know you've been looking in the area also Hopefully a bit cheaper than Riverstone/schofields to start off
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    Paying cash for tradies

    Definately invoiced On top of matters already brought up, I'll add that you will also loose out when it comes to paying CGT
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    Add a garage

    I've been looking at prices in QLD, for a double colorbond car port your looking at 4-5 k installed.
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    strategy/action advise

    A 5 million dollar gross asset goal doesn't really sound like it reflects your investing performance and success. To me it sounds like a liability. Personally I would be focusing on the income stream as the goal and as you have suggested you will most likely finish with 5 million in gross...
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    The Ponds

    Hahaha I was thinking the same. Sometsofters really talked them out of a good deal on this one, could have actually been the last block too.
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    lets hype Newcastle

    Are the northern suburbs expected to perform? Stockton seems to be doing well and fern bay because of the development. What about williamtown? Nelson bay? Medowie? I have a place at lemon tree passage, current median is just 295k, which is lower than it was in 2004 after it tripled in value...
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    Where to buy in Sydney for MAX short term CG

    Sorry should have been more specific, was referring to the north west rail link, I don't think the existing train line is doing any favors for the suburb whatsoever, the northwest rail link should have an impact on prices in the area. Riverstone current median price $546k Was floating around...