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    Poor first home buyers Sydney

    unfamiliar with the Sydney market but surely its not all premium properties. perhaps around the city/bay/beaches but out west are areas of social disadvantage and probably other areas too. affordability is assisted by cheap interest rates at present. cannot remember such low rates in decades...
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    Peoples thoughts on Adelaide?

    these homes are for owner occupiers not for investors???
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    Body Corporate woes...

    can understand the rules about hanging washing on the balcony. it is unsightly. it is acceptable in some areas but not others. have seen washing hanging out of windows in some countries where it is perhaps the norm and ok. went passed the Watson in Walkerville the other day, the appearance...
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    Why should I get superannuation?

    like some of the others have said, people lose confidence in putting everything into super because the govt continues to change the rules. plus it depends on the individual and their age/circumstances. for many its compulsory to contribute via the employer. my opinion is to have a range of...
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    They should be sent packing

    animal cruelty which they filmed... wonder what else they have done or will do? often offenders start with animals and then progress to more atrocities involving people. they need to pay the fines, be exposed for what they have done as widely as possible. they have gotten off lightly. no...
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    Issue from Previous Owners - now neighbour wants to sue me for it

    good outcome. communication and harmony excellent.
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    Elizabeth Downs -Hot lead for low cost Mortgagee Sale

    I understand what you are saying but some may prefer a larger block, especially for children/pets? I know some are time poor and find gardens too much work but some may want to enjoy having a lawn etc. some of the high density cheap housing looks nasty but suppose each to their own. plus some...
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    Do you have Landlord Insurance?

    yes I agree.
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    Do you have Landlord Insurance?

    no that would be a cost to the taxpayer. why do you say malicious damage is not a crime?
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    Do you have Landlord Insurance?

    yes would not be without insurance. squalor and filth in those pictures plus damage and rent arrears. notice the landlord was self managing?? can happen with or without an agent. personally amazed how some tenants who leave with arrears/damage/filth still get references and bonds? guess they...
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    HI Order - Housing SA Improvement Branch

    probably not alone on here, would love to know the name of the selling agency? but understand why it cannot be told...? expect you will avoid them in future and tell others to do the same. steep learning curve. good luck.
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    Who should take the moral responsibility for a bad tenant?

    the tenant is 100% responsible for their behaviour. tenant selection is a shared responsibility, landlord and agent, if there is an agent. agree about having insurance and following processes to mitigate any losses from tenancies. know the rules and follow them.
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    My wonderful tenants

    what a pain beachgirl. feel sorry for the dogs. wonder what happens when goods are abandoned that are still under finance? landlord should not be responsible for the tenants property. good luck and hope the next tenants are better.
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    Seriously? Libs want to change Tony Abbot for Turnbull or Bishop?

    mountain made out of a molehill. mainly media led. time to move on. some who get these awards are found to be less than deserving of the honour. some who should be recognised for their good deeds either keep a low profile or are simply passed over. labor and some others are enjoying the...
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    Will you take this application?

    agree with rejecting the application.
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    Should tenants be given multiple chances?

    tenant selection is very important. some of these tenants that become problems are chronic debtors with arrears in not just rent but other areas. it seems the attitude by some is, cannot get blood out of a stone and simply write off the debts. problems if arise need to be acted on immediately...
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    Bali Nine

    re their offending, was it ever disclosed who were funding the enterprise? its a murky business which history has shown involves law enforcement as well as others. money buys many.
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    Bali Nine

    zero tolerance for drug trafficking. this has taken too long to resolve. with intense publicity they may get a different sentence. wonder how many times they offended? rehabilitated perhaps but I guess their options to reoffend were limited in their current environment? my sympathy is with...
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    renting to a 8x-year old

    very sad story but lets not forget death can happen at any age. the terrible story a few years ago in qld a child died left there for along time, 1 of a twin starved to death by the mother. this was a rental property too. not all people of eighty are frail, many are active and healthy perhaps...
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    Medicare rebate cut by $20 - from $37.05 to $16.95 for under 10 min consult

    more could be saved by an efficient public service, but I suppose it does provide some with employment. more needs to be spent on clinical care and less on bureaucracy. example we were sent a 2nd cheque today from Medicare to post to the doctor, for the same date/service. we contacted...