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  1. Luv2Travel

    What do you look for in a tenant?

    It's ok, I find it hilarious that one of the biggest Facebook stalkers ever, would object to this. I'm with you, all public information available should be used to determine tenant quality. Once they're in the laws are on their side so use all you can until you're stuck with them!!!
  2. Luv2Travel

    Melbourne Resturants Supberb

    Because it has the worst weather! :(
  3. Luv2Travel

    Melbourne Resturants Supberb

    I hear the Maccas and KFC out there is pretty good... :)
  4. Luv2Travel

    Seen any great movies lately

    I also highly recommend 'Rush'. As someone whose knowledge of Formula One racing ends at "funny looking cars that go really fast around a race track", I found it really interesting and gave me a real appreciation for what the drivers go through, especially back in the 70's when safety was a low...
  5. Luv2Travel

    Investors keep first-timers out of market

    Yuk, that'd be a good thing why? No thanks.
  6. Luv2Travel

    Investors keep first-timers out of market

    If he's missing, out clearly it's on the move and perhaps is no longer affordable to him. Last time I checked, investors were in property to make money. I don't think they're coming in to the market, paying way over market value just to gazzump the first home buyer who wants to live there.
  7. Luv2Travel

    Investors keep first-timers out of market

    I read it: With his budget there are plenty of places he could afford, he's just choosing not to buy because he wants to live in a highly desireable suburb straight up. That's fine, but don't go blaming investors and saying everything is so unaffordable for the "poor first home buyer".
  8. Luv2Travel

    Investors keep first-timers out of market

    I'm sad that I can't afford this, as a second time home buyer, surely I'm entitled to it by now! It's just not fair. :rolleyes:
  9. Luv2Travel

    I won an Art Union block of flats

    Really? Boystown - $15 ticket gives you a 1/375,000 chance of winning Lotto - $15 would get you about 24 games in lotto? A single game is about 1/8million chance so if you spent the same money your odds become 1/333,333 I don't play either, so could be totally missing something here...
  10. Luv2Travel

    Advice From Melbournians

    I agree, and I would definitely choose Ringwood/Mitcham/Heathmont over the West/North, especially if for PPoR.
  11. Luv2Travel

    This could be the worst thing the US have done in living memory

    About time, will be great to not have to turn my Kindle off and watch everyone with paper books continue to read. If pilots can use iPads in the cockpit without the plane crashing it must be pretty safe. :)
  12. Luv2Travel

    Negative Gearing abolishment side effects ?

    I'm not sure it would have much/any affect as supply and demand are still the same, same number of people and same number of houses. It might shift investors away from property and without looking at the other side of it, could appear that rents would increase. However investors have to be...
  13. Luv2Travel

    reneg on notice to vacate

    No surprise there with the laws giving tenants all the power over your property. If you are talking about a hypothetical situation, I'd advertise and sign up a tenant and is not uncommon to do so. If you had to wait until your property was vacant each time before lining up a new tenant...
  14. Luv2Travel

    Tenant Lied on Application form!!!

    Which is exactly what happened to me, Westpac outright told me they only cover malicious damage, and that is near impossible to claim so basically it's useless. That makes sense what you're saying about the policy with the landlord insurance just being an addon. The policy is just one big...
  15. Luv2Travel

    Anything easier than MYOB?

    I recommended this to Lizzie at the time when she was deciding what to get, and I think she said she wanted something more complex. MYOB sure was the way to go for that. :)
  16. Luv2Travel

    CG tax on PPOR, when buying 2nd before selling first?

    As per ATO:
  17. Luv2Travel

    Ignorance is.....not bliss

    I thought Redfern was where you went TO get abducted/killed. :)
  18. Luv2Travel

    Tenant Lied on Application form!!!

    From my experience, they don't! Good luck getting a cent of "non malicious" (which is just about everything) damage from them.
  19. Luv2Travel

    Art Investment

    Would be good to see these laws changed, although a bit late for these victims.
  20. Luv2Travel

    pick a watch

    I love watches and would definitely go the Hugo Boss of those options.