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    DSR Scores for suburbs - Accurate?

    This link says dsr work Shepard doesn't give data to boomtown anymore. Its only on Jake about population growth indicator you might want to read this
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    Anyone used the DSR?

    Yeah fair points. By the way it does look at prior growth. The dsr+ does. Not the normal dsr.
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    Hotspot central

    DSR is from not Hotspotcentral The Demand to Supply Ratio comes from It was built by Jeremy Shepard. He says Michael Fuller had nothing to do with creating DSR. But Shepard gave data to boomtown in some old JV. He said Hotspot central is not really a...
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    Does Brisbane still stack up?

    Another opinion to throw in This one says Brisbane is not so good right now... It actually says Sydney is still the best. It was written in April this year!
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    Melbourne vs Perth

    I believe in supply and demand. I read this... It looks at supply and demand of cities in Australia on charts for last years. If you can believe it Sydney is still best! But the last words written... "...investors can...
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    Anyone used the DSR?

    I've been looking at They have a thing called DSR which means Demand Supply Ratio. Its supposed to tell if a suburb is good. Has anyone used DSR to find hot spots? Did it worked?
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    Days on market have free historical days on market info but... have to give them your email address. I did, so far no annoying promotion emails.
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    Advice for a wannabe investor

    Education empowered me. I think 1st thing to do is read good property investing books. Once I had about half a dozen on my bookshelf, I felt more confident. I don't know about courses, haven't done one.