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    I hate new computers: My rant

    For some, they are better than an easter egg hunt, all those new goodies to be found. Me? All I want is it to work the reckon it should, [Like the old one?] but they never do. Bought a windows lap-top and can't stand it so it stays unloved in the corner. I've had my new 27" Mac plugged in for...
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    Paperwork for multi properties.

    I'm sorry about this. I know the question has been canvassed many times but I've never had an interest before. :( Mrs Fish has been helping out a friend of hers do her husband's tax and it's been a lot of work because he has 5 properties and typical of a miner, everything was a mess. He didn't...
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    Larry Pickering

    Should he be dismissed as a "nutcase"? I say "No!", why do you think otherwise?
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    Anyone else up?

    I can't load any pages from the US. Is this just me? Sounds like a big problem. :)
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    Another CGT Q!

    If you achieve cap gains on an O/S asset while being an Aus resident, is it taxable?
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    Some people on chat sites care.

    My son is active on a "gaming" chat site, and so too was one of the American embassy staff killed in Libya, along with the ambassador. They have passed the hat around are above $70k in donations already. I'm not sure if it is the same site but it is amazing the tales he repeats from...
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    From little jobs, big jobs grow!

    You could write a song about it. :D The lady wanted a new toilet seat for her tender behind, but the cistern is old plastic too so I bought a new suite. When the plumber finished, the holes in the gyprock showed so I filled those and a poor repair after a toilet roll holder had been replaced...
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    Stock Gumshoe:

    It seems there are a number here with some interest in the stock market. Odds are then that you have received many stock teases from Stansberry, Motley Fool and others offering you a heads-up on the next big thing, free with your $499.00 subscription. Naturally you wonder what they are and...
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    Who saw this coming?

    This is the opening passage of a Bloomberg article: "Melbourne, where home prices have fallen more than in any other major Australian city........." [I trust that is close to correct] I'm not suggesting that nobody predicted it but I winced as poster after poster here extolled the virtues...
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    Chemotherapy for dogs.

    Has anyone had any experience with this exercise? My little girl has just had a mast cell tumor removed but a biopsy on the lymph node which was taken shows the cancer has spread. The vet offers chemo but I'm reluctant to go this way. The dog is 12 years old and had another tumor removed...
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    Land with a view.

    There is a rocky, barren hill behind me. Rough country! There are grass fires [nothing dangerous] every year and the earlier owners built a 1.5M concrete wall to keep these fires [and the water rushing off the hill during downpours] at bay. So I have never actually walked there. Last week...
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    Wind power [revisited]

    I know some wish for this topic to just go away but it is one with far reaching implications for our nation's economic health - And a healthy housing market depends on a healthy nation. I have just found this [long] paper and it is only a month old so highly relevant. It focuses on the costs...
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    Hybrid Camry: Interim report.

    Some may remember I bought a hybrid six months ago, and at least one wanted an update down the track. I was prompted to make this post to extol the virtues of the remote control. It went through the wash a couple of days ago and still works. Yea! Maybe this has something to do with the Miele...
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    Power of Attorney

    Does anyone know if a Power of Attorney drawn up in Qld is legal in other states, or overseas? I want to sell some shares held in joint names in Toronto but notice their law requires two witnesses to the sig, whereas ours has only one. I did ask the solicitor [clerk?] if they would be...
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    A recent mixup over my email addy prompted Sim to merge my accounts. My PM box is now overflowing until I get organised and clean it out but there are some memories back there. I assume that if you now search on my past posts [too much time on your hands?] you will find Thommo's. I am still...
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    The perils of enthusiasm.

    This is a fairly common topic so I thought it should be mentioned.
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    Ripped off in the US!

    I'm surprised no one has commented on last night's 7:30 Report. I assume that was "our" Emma giving the warnings? I think SS is privileged to have had her insights.
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    Mothers' little helpers.

    Mrs Fish is healthier than I, happy and at peace with the world. She was a bit concerned about memory loss [only a year younger than I] so she went to her GP today and came home with a prescription for bloody antidepressants! I think she was told it was "something to help her sleep". She did...
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    Has Somersoft changed or have I?

    I still check out the site when I'm wasting time [retired, remember] but seldom find any posts of interest. Wasn't always so. I'll admit I don't miss some of the nasty debates that were prevalent but now it is so bland. Has the doubt about property prices always rising discouraged many, and...
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    For non-profit reasons I'm looking at buying in Toowoomba. It looks stable and safe to me, with the gas fields in the region. I wont be charging/receiving rent and tax considerations are irrelevant: No need to go down that path. [Lazy dollars] Are there risks outside the macro that I...