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    Starting my building co. Looking for advice or mentor!

    Hi guys, Been in the forums for a little while and am hoping I can find someone to guide me or give me tips getting my business started. I'm 23 and am a qualified carpenter and licensed builder. I have spent the last couple of years in an asset manager role and learned some great admin...
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    Investing in Nerang QLD- advice

    I'm looking to purchase another IP pending reval on my current 2 and am thinking of heading north to QLD. I've looked at a few different places and Nerang looks to be at a good price (350k) and a bit of space in a DIY Reno to pull some fast equity . Anyone have any experience in or around the...
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    New Sydney member- my story just starting.

    Hi all, New member here from Sydney.i have been reading the forums for a few days and am very excited to meet like minded people and learn all I can! Will give you a rundown of my short story so far and where I'm hoping to move forward. My name is Alex, I'm 23, a licensed builder and...