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  1. Shahin_Afarin

    Crazy Properties

    Sure there are some crazy properties listed for sale but in all of days and years of looking at - this listing takes the cake: Im thinking of buying it and building a coffee shop...
  2. Shahin_Afarin

    St George SMSF

    We use St George for most of our SMSF Lending due to their offset feature. As of today (most likely influenced by the APRA guidelines) St George will require customers to have at least 10% in liquid assets (shares, cash deposit, etc) after the purchase for the property. This now means that...
  3. Shahin_Afarin

    Inspections - A new approach

    Building Inspection Reports Came across this company today via a client which I thought was ingenious since most properties in Sydney are going to Auctions and people are reluctant to pay for a building and pest inspection each time. How it works in a nutshell is...
  4. Shahin_Afarin

    Baulkham Hills Development

    We have just commenced construction on our latest development in Baulkham Hills so I thought it is something worth sharing the details with my very good and supportive friends here on the forum. Purchase: DA approved site for 4 x 3 bedroom terraces (on a corner block and 3 levels) went...
  5. Shahin_Afarin

    Sydney Photographer

    Hi Guys, Can anyone recommend a good photographer in Sydney for some family pictures. Im looking for photographers with natural style photography rather than tacky "hold the apple and tilt your head to the side" photographers.
  6. Shahin_Afarin

    Mechanical Engineer

    Does anyone know or can recommend a Mechanical Engineer? He/she can be in any state. I need a mechanical ventilation design done for a small project.
  7. Shahin_Afarin

    100% LVR SMSF Lending

    Historically, investors have been able to borrow up to 80% LVR on residential properties. This is now changing with at least 1 lender doing up to 100% LVR loans. Whilst a lender is unwilling to 'over lend' under any superfund lending application, what can be done is to allow for a...
  8. Shahin_Afarin

    NSW FHOG Threshold increased to $750k

    This is a good outcome considering the way the Sydney market has performed over the last 18 months: I am developing townhouses and my properties now falls into this bracket so I'm quite chuffed!
  9. Shahin_Afarin

    Dual Access Granny Flat

    I have an existing property - it has dual street access. Houses on either side of the property are in line with the house. My question is if I want to build a granny flat in the back so that it has its own street access - is this permissible? What are the things to look out for?
  10. Shahin_Afarin

    ANZ joins the Medico LMI Waiver Party

    This just came out today - lets hope some of the second tier lenders follow suit. Effective Monday 25 November 2013, ANZ will waive the LMI requirements including the premium, up to a maximum LVR of 90%, where the customer meets the eligibility criteria and is in an eligible profession. This...
  11. Shahin_Afarin

    Granny Flat in Redfern

    Came across this GF in Redfern that is being used as short term accommodation. I have seen a lot of GF's but this is a definite standout for me. The yield on it would also be very strong assuming tight tenancy rates. Regards Shahin
  12. Shahin_Afarin

    Gyrockers in Sydney and Maitland

    Hi Guys, I have lost my Gyrocker contact and I have 2 projects - one in Sydney and the other in Maitland. Does anyone have any good (admittedly cheap) Gyrockers they can refer for each of the areas? Each project is a single dwelling and about 350sqm of Gyrocking. Regards Shahin
  13. Shahin_Afarin

    CBA's Transactional Offset

    Finally CBA has set a date of August 8 to roll out a fully transactional offset account. This brings them in line with other lenders and more importantly will save a lot of time for investors.
  14. Shahin_Afarin

    Westpac 4.99% Fixed Rate is Back

    Just out that Westpac have dropped their 2 year Fixed Rates to 4.99% under the Professional Package. They have said its 'for a limited time'.
  15. Shahin_Afarin

    Dilapidation Report

    Hi Guys, Just wanting to know if there is anyone on the forum who does Dilapidation Reports. The property is located in Pymble, Sydney?
  16. Shahin_Afarin

    Port Hedland IP

    Hi Guys, I have a customer wanting to buy an IP in Port Hedland. He wanted my advise but I'm not familiar with the WA market. Does anyone have any experiences or advise with IP's in the area? They are looking at a medium to long term strategy, i.e., holding it for at least 7 years.