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  1. wobbycarly

    Finding/calculating the historical value of a property

    OK, so a bit of a newb mistake; the house we just sold was wife's PPOR from purchase (1999) until 2002. From 2002 until now, it's been a rental. Obviously, we can apportion the CG to reduce the CGT, but at the time we didn't get a valuation. Live and learn - we certainly didn't know to do...
  2. wobbycarly

    Our recent reno

    Have been a bit quiet of late - consolidation. But we have decided to reno and sell the house that my wife bought before we were married. Thought I'd share a few before-and-afters, since we pretty much wrapped it up yesterday. Not listed for sale yet, but should only be a couple of weeks...
  3. wobbycarly

    Holiday accom in Merimbula and/or Canberra

    We're looking at a family holiday during the Vic June/July school hols. We will go to Merimbula for a week(ish) then spend a few days in Canberra. Does anyone have holiday rentals available? Approx dates: (yet to be confirmed) Merimbula: June 29-July 7 Canberra: July 7-July 10 or 11...
  4. wobbycarly

    Good guys kitchen and recommended trades (Berwick area)

    Just wondering if anyone has had experience with Good Guys kitchens? Apparently they do "The Block" kitchens. We got a quote and seems competitive, although it's a plus/plus/plus quote (plus trades, plus removal, etc.) Also, looking for recommended trades in the Berwick area: * Plasterer...
  5. wobbycarly

    Is this a pump and dump?

    Why would people provide information like this free? What is there ulterior motive? I can understand newsletters like Intelligent Investor, who have a paid subscriber base. But this?
  6. wobbycarly

    Who feels like a sensationalist bad-news story? This story is so light on facts and so high on sensationalism... Certainly doesn't explain how he can owe $40k MORE than he bought it for. Nor what the "empty promises" were. But it...
  7. wobbycarly

    Private car rentals as investment

    This came through my inbox today. Anyone looked into it? The returns look very optimistic, with 95% and 90% utilisation for years 1 and 2.
  8. wobbycarly

    Negotiating price on 2nd hand car at car yard

    I've had company cars for virtually my whole career, but am about to make a move and I will no longer have one, so I have to buy a car! I want a used car, and I am leaning towards buying from a 'big name' dealer (statutory warranty, etc). What are the best methods to negotiate the prices...
  9. wobbycarly

    Football weekend

    Many think that the NSW team will take the Vic cup away (AFL) and that the Vic team will take the NSW cup away (NRL). What's the verdict? Who will win? I'm tipping Hawthorn by 14 and Storm (no margin tipped).
  10. wobbycarly

    Grant to build in Bendigo - $38,800

    For anyone looking to build a PPOR in Bendigo, this might be helpful. By ballot and some conditions...
  11. wobbycarly

    My brain is tired...

    To start with this morning, I was reading an article in the paper (don't even remember what it was about, but it opened a parenthesis and didn't close it. I felt empty and unfulfilled. This afternoon, I've been doing an online training course. Virtually every sentence completes with an...
  12. wobbycarly

    Double-ended shower; classy or tacky?

    I plan on renovating the main BR ensuite in our PPOR and I'm considering putting in a double shower. The idea is not to use a base, but tile the floor and wall area, and have an individually controlled shower head at each end. What's the consensus on whether this is a good move or whether...
  13. wobbycarly

    Great learning experience! Pick the 'errors' in this story.

    Read full story here...
  14. wobbycarly

    The next stimulus payment

    Got this joke in my email; along with the CT thread, etc, thought it was amusing and may provoke some additional discussions... I mean, whinges. :D Sometime this year, we taxpayers may again receive another 'Economic Stimulus' payment. This is indeed a very exciting program, and I'll...
  15. wobbycarly

    500 Complimentary Double Passes to Grand Designs Live – Melbourne 21-23 Sept Another one from Ozbargain. Maybe this will be better than the DVD box set :D
  16. wobbycarly

    Grand designs The Complete Box Set

    For those interested, a "cheap" copy has been posted here:
  17. wobbycarly

    Another climate change/Carbon tax statement

    So how will the CT affect our emissions, and hence our CO2 footprint, again?
  18. wobbycarly

    Have fun with this one...

    I was going to put this in "Property Management", but then thought it more appropriate for coffee lounge.
  19. wobbycarly

    Cost to replace a power meter box?

    Just had a quote from the sparky to replace the electrical box: Works proposed Remove old meter panel and switchboard. Install new metal enclosure to house meters and switchboard. Install new earth. Make good of all cabling. Install 2 x safety switch and circuit breakers as required...