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  1. Nathan

    Block of 4 units for $350,000 rent $800 - $900pw 12.5%+ yield.

    Just purchased another block of 4 units in QLD this time for $350,000 with a yield of 12.5% Have attached some pics for giggles - What have you guys been buying lately? Nath.
  2. Nathan

    How to buy a PPOR for next to nothing?

    Just thought I would share with SS a PPOR I just purchased in Kellyville region in North West Sydney. This property is the original farm house in an established estate which has not been lived in for 10 years. This property sits on the fence boundary and has enough room to build a new...
  3. Nathan

    This will be my BIGGEST speaking event all year! I have 16 spots left only for this s

    Hi There, It has been a few months since our last speaking event in Sydney and its about time we do it again! I have some really exciting things to talk about! We will be looking at how I successfully failed school EXACTLY 10 years ago, and how I have been able to build a $10,000,000...
  4. Nathan

    Canberra seminar / speaking event Tuesday 19th June.

    I will be speaking in Canberra for a low key group of property investors on Tues 19th Jun. Email if you wish to attend. Location Canberra Civic Library – at the bottom of the stairs to the Canberra Theatre in Civic Square Date 19/06/2012 Time 7:30pm - 9:00pm...
  5. Nathan

    Nathan Birch - speaking event in Norwest Crown Plaza 7th June. - 55 spots available.

    Hi, It has been 3 months since our last speaking event where we covered of the basics of how I built a multi million dollar property portfolio of 60 properties in the past 8 years. Along with how other investors have built large portfolios in the last 6 months. I will be speaking again on...
  6. Nathan

    Check out the units I just purchased with 20%+ yields!

    I just settled on a block of 8 flats in Tamworth for $240,000 and rents of $880pw - Crazy! And another block of 6 for $203,600 which rent for $930pw - Crazy again! The block of 8 is in good condition and rented as is, and the block of 6 needed paint/carpet/blinds/3 x kitchens. I have...
  7. Nathan

    I have 40 spots left for my Sydney speaking event (non BS) on the 27th March 2012.

    It has been 3 months since our last speaking event where we covered of the basics of how I had built a multi million dollar property portfolio over the past 8/9 years. I will be speaking again on the 27th March, on behalf of Westpac. What will I be covering off on this time? I will be...
  8. Nathan

    House in Western Sydney for $110,000 reno $50k resell $240,000

    Just settled this property for $110,000 in Western Sydney and with $50,000 reno is set to sell for $240,000. I have attached pics - Also I am holding a renovation workshop for those who want to...
  9. Nathan

    Watch me salvage a burnt out house!

    I recently posted on a fire damaged house which I purchased for $25,000 It will require around $25,000 renovation and I will make sure it is done for less than this. I always get asked on how I do this and how the reno is organised...
  10. Nathan

    Random question - Need a Lawyer to review a book... anyone on Somersoft?

    I am soon to release my book, and have done final drafts. It has had many many reviews and edits and disclaimers etc in it however it dawned on me the other day that I have yet to get a lawyer make 100% sure everything is worded correctly and covered. The book is self published, yet going...
  11. Nathan

    I did something bad....

    Ok, I made a vow not to purchase any more fire damaged properties due to time constraints now days. Whats bad with that? Well, I woke up Saturday morning to have the agent ringing me as no one has registered to bid on a property for sale? I said I wasn't interested, and the reply was...
  12. Nathan

    My final speaking event of 2011. - Facilitated by one of Australia's largest brands.

    I have joined forces with this speaking event facilitated by one of Australia's largest banks – Westpac. Over the last 12 months Westpac has supported my investing goals, lending, and investment philosophies which is 50% of the battle when building a property portfolio is the financing of it...
  13. Nathan

    Why negative gearing sucks!

    I have had quiet a few people write to me of late asking about off the plan properties in regional towns and other negative gearing questions. I thought I would chat about it on a video blog the other day. This kind of ties also into the how come most investors buy only 2 or 3 investment...
  14. Nathan

    Nathan's Upcoming speaking events

    Hi all, I just thought I would throw it out there as there are a few spots left at my 2 upcoming speaking arrangements. 30th Sept - Castle Hill NSW 5th October - Campbelltown NSW What will I be talking about? - Mindset - Planning - Finding properties -...
  15. Nathan

    BRW Property Investor

    For those of you who are interested, here is the video interview on BRW TV and I am also in this weeks edition of magazine. I am yet to see it so not sure how it will look but guess it will be ok. Nath.
  16. Nathan

    Nathan's cheapest house price yet. $7000 purchase in 2011. House and Land in NSW!

    It needs work, its smashed around a little bit. $7000 purchase $25000 reno $250pw rent $130,000 new value
  17. Nathan

    My steal of the week. $20,000 cairns unit which vendor paid $113,000 for rent $160pw.

    Ok, Here is one for everyone to chew on the numbers of. It is a studio in Cairns, purchase price $20,000 rent potential $160ish pw. Its out of usual buying criteria but the vendor paid $113,000 12-24 months ago. Comparable sales are around $45,000 - $90,000. Enjoy...
  18. Nathan

    How to completely fit out and renovate a whole villa for less than $7000

    Ok before anyone criticises me on the numbers lets look at the wash up. Tiles $1000 Tile labour $1800 Skip $150 Blinds $500 Bathroom fixtures $500 Paint $250 Labour $1000 Kitchen $1600 Misc $200 = $7000 It went $500 over initial budget. Before -...
  19. Nathan

    Save this date! - I will be doing a live speaking event on the 15th August

    You have probably noticed by now, I am not so big on the public speaking front? Why? I am not too sure, I just know I am not a fan of rah rah seminars etc and it doesn’t fit well for me. I have been asked by a good friend of mine who organises a property catch up regularly to come and...
  20. Nathan

    How I had a house fully renovated in 7 days for $7,000.

    This is a house I bought some while ago (18-24 months). The tenants left the house and its time for a renovation. What does it need? Holes patched, walls painted, kitchen replaced, flooring replaced, bathroom updated, exterior painted. What is the time frame? 7 days. What is the budget...