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    Adelaide Suburbs Low Stock, Why?

    I've also been looking in that area and yes it's very tightly held for obvious reasons. Westfield Marion, Brighton and Glenelg are all popular nexuses and the schools though they are starting to creak from the demand are still very popular. Ordinary houses west of Brighton Road start at $700k...
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    Written Warning - Fair?

    Suggest you write a written response to the written warning. - Outline your mitigating factors. - Acknowledge your partial responsibility (so it doesn't sound like you are just making excuses). - Outline your lessons learnt and your plan to prevent it happening again. eg. ask for GPS training...
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    Rental agreement not signed by all persons to reside

    Lots of reasons why they may want this. Had two tenants ask to add a third to their lease. I vetted the new person but advised them to sublet instead until the lease was due for renewal at which time all three names would be listed. Probably against forum convention but it keeps the paperwork...
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    Mobile Phone Etiquette

    Great topic. My daughter is 11 months old and is already desperately fascinated with our phones (and remote controls, and keyboards...). Every breastfeed has been accompanied by the dim glow of her mum's facebook or time-tracking app. She cranes her neck to see whatever we are doing on our...
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    Spread Sheet Software

    While Google Drive Docs are far simpler than Office Word (this can be either good or bad depending on your needs), Google Drive Spreadsheets are awesome; they support all the same formulas that Office Excel does. Because it's web-based you can use it from anywhere and not worry about losing...
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    For those with an offset account, do you use your credit card all the time?

    Offset account with all purchases on the credit card - have done this for years. Why? - Money stays in my offset, reducing interest payable. - Transactions can be disputed/reversed - Statement breakdown (no "cash" black holes such as a daily coffee) - Set and forget, automatic payments in full...
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    Election 2013: 14th Sept - the official thread

    3. A stamp of authority I think. A declaration by Juliar that "I intend to stay this very precise number of days, and if you backstab me, you will be seen as the evil person deliberately cutting short our remaining term, not a hero leading an necessary spill".
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    Timing for the next Fed. election

    Well, The Pirate Party successfully registered last week. Similar parties have already been elected in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Iceland, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. From wikipedia: "Pirate parties support civil rights, direct democracy and...
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    Timing for the next Fed. election

    VYBerlinaV8, I think. Most people picked August or October. It might be the only date you could realistically pick in September - the 2nd AFL Semi Final is played at night so won't conflict much with the voting, just the telecast.
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    Timing for the next Fed. election

    Called for September 14th 2013.
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    1. I've noticed a lot of his tricks involve his hands - bendy fingers, hands on fire, coin through hand, hand through glass, etc. Makes me suspect that he has some very advanced prosthetics that he can switch in and out. 2. They rarely show him walking into places, only walking out. So he...
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    Audit insurance

    My old tax agent has been sending me these letters for a couple of years now (despite the fact I stopped using them well before that). To me it seems like scaremongering, not to mention dereliction of duty - surely if the agent is doing their job properly your affairs should pass audit anyway.
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    Domain Inspection Planner - what the??

    Very likely these are in fact Google Maps directions based on the From and To addresses supplied by Domain. If these addresses aren't specific enough you can get the right street and town but on the wrong continent.
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    Help for KKringle

    This time of year there's lots of unique gifts to be found in the foodie regions or craft markets. A basket of organic ingredients for pizza toppings (anchovies, olives, sun dried tomatoes etc) always seems to be well received.
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    Dilemma with wife's parents

    With respect, it is pretty obvious we went along for too long with what she wanted. We let her continue driving till she became a menace on the road, and she gave up her car only with the greatest reluctance. We let her stay at home, alone, for years, rapidly losing her sharpness due to lack...
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    Dilemma with wife's parents

    Seriously consider planning a transition to a nearby care facility now. Many of them have tiered levels of care, starting with a 2 bedroom unit with garage etc, meals available, through to studio rooms with a daily nurse visit, through to assisted levels of physical care. It is much easier to...
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    Tenants, good salaries and centerlink payments

    Not sure what you guys are talking about? Once you get above $80k income, your partner gets nothing at all once the PPL ends, well ok $1 a fortnight in family tax B. Yes $26 a year. Not complaining, fair is fair. If a couple is on a higher salary than that and still drawing appreciable benefits...
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    Yes you can, it's even easier on Google+. You just write a post privately to them (replace "Public" with their name only), or reply to one of their public posts. You can go further and reference them in any public or private post (even one to a third person) with a + prefix, ie. +Dalai Lama...
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    OP you might want to try Google+. Think of it as Twitter Improved, with much richer content and a better commenting system, also much easier to use and get to grips with. Compare:
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    Timing for the next Fed. election

    August 2013, I think. The budget actuals start to leak by mid-September. To be perfectly honest, I think if Obama wins on November 6, Labor could do worse than calling the election immediately to take advantage of Gillard's current sympathy bounce and the temporary left-wing euphoria.