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  1. Rixter

    There is a Wealth of Gold to be found here....

    Farewell Somersoft. You have been the best source of Property Investment Information & Resources. There is literally Priceless Gold educations to found here in the vault. Good luck to all those who take action with it..Because taking action to apply the knowledge is the Key. Have...
  2. Rixter

    REA Selling Fees in Perth

    Can anyone who's sold a property recently in Perth provide us with what selling fees (& sale price) they were charged from their REA?
  3. Rixter

    MIRC Settings

    Does anyone know the server and settings to access the chatroom using mIRC v7.36?
  4. Rixter

    Geelong Property Management

    Can anyone recommend a good property management business in Geelong?
  5. Rixter

    ITWV for 2015 FY

    Just a friendly reminder to have your ITWV applications in for 2015 FY. Its only a few weeks away until the first pay period. There is quite a fast turn around time in processing. I submitted mine online May 26th and received my ATO confirmation letter via snail mail from Brisbane HQ June 5th...
  6. Rixter

    Notice to increase rent NSW

    What's the legal time frame to give a tenant notice of a rent increase in NSW? Has it recently changed?
  7. Rixter

    Somersoft's Asy

    Did anyone else see Somersoft's (past forum mod) Asy on ACA tonight?
  8. Rixter

    The Formula for Success

    The formula for Success = 80% Correct Mindset x 20% Applied Strategy. In other words, 'how' you think is FOUR times more important than 'how' you plan on doing it. "Ninety-eight percent of our population are quick to agree that success in life is a puzzle. It seems to be a perpetual...
  9. Rixter

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas & Very Prosperous New Year Everyone.
  10. Rixter

    RBA keeps interest rate on hold

    RBA keeps interest rate on hold for November 2013 Breaking news: The Reserve Bank of Australia has left the cash rate on hold at 2.50% p.a. Consistent with their October decision to leave rates on hold, and in light of the global uncertainty surrounding the U.S. government shutdown, the RBA...
  11. Rixter

    What does GF stand for?

    Guttered Freo. :eek: ;)
  12. Rixter

    Advertising now showing on SS

    Is anyone else getting advertising throughout threads showing on SS?? Its at the top & bottom of pages as well. Just started showing today.
  13. Rixter

    RBA Cuts Rates

    Breaking news: The Reserve Bank of Australia has cut rates from 2.75% p.a. to 2.50% p.a. The Reserve Bank of Australia has confirmed they are dropping the interest rate to 2.50% p.a., bringing an end to the three month hold at 2.75% p.a.
  14. Rixter

    Drop into Somersoft's Chatroom now!

    Drop in now and say g'day.......lets try get live chats running like we did in the old days on here.. Click on chatroom in the menu at top of Forum..see you on the other side and we can chat live!
  15. Rixter

    Follow Your Owns Signs to Success!

    Follow Your Own Investment Signs to Success! Success is 80% Mindset x 20% Strategy.. In other words How you think is Four Times more important than How you plan to succeed. Never let others steal your dream.. When times get tough Never Ever Give Up - Just follow the Signs. Crank...
  16. Rixter

    Pest Controller Perth

    Can anyone recommend a good pest controller to kill an invasion of ants inside and outside a home?
  17. Rixter

    Landbanking Perth @ 50% Discount

    For anyone who is interested... There is 3 opportunities left in this Landbanking deal at Southbank Estate in Southern River, Perth. Prices at 50% discount from the developer. We purchased inside our SMSF for $100k.
  18. Rixter

    Herron Todd White - June 2013 Month in Review

    From across my Inbox.... Dear Reader 2013 is nearing the half way mark and has proven eventful with mostly good news in the markets. While there had been a continued lack of confidence since the GFC, this year is shaping up as one of quiet strengthening with the recent interest rate fall...
  19. Rixter

    2014 itwv

    Just received my assessment letter back from the ATO for my ITWV application I sent online for the financial year 2014. ATO processing times are getting faster each year. I only submitted application on 21st May and I received their notification letter back via snail mail in yesterday's post -...
  20. Rixter

    Atwell Painter Wanted.

    Can anyone recommend a good value for money painter to do the interior of a house in Atwell WA? Have you had work done by them?