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    End of an Era

    A big thanks to the Somers and Sim, Somersoft has been a huge pool of information I have referred to often. Thank you to everyone that has posted about their experiences and helped so many of us on our journey. I look forward to watching the new forum grow and I hope we don't lose too many of...
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    Peoples thoughts on Adelaide?

    I'm paying $450/qtr in a group of 6 that actually has greenery to maintain. Is it really renting for $260/week? I need to do some rent reviews ASAP then...
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    Minimising Land Tax Spreadsheet

    That's the same in SA too. Is it the case in the other states? Would be worthwhile to go into the spreadsheet too I would have thought.
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    IP Expenses Loan advice.

    Offset to our home (PPOR).
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    Anyone paying PM fee separatly instead of receiving rent net.

    Scott, I've had that in place since I was 16. :) Based on $500/week rent and 4.8% interest rates my sums have been telling me the interest bill in Year 10 is just shy of $1000. That's with that rent figure not increasing and the interest rate staying at a historically low rate. Are my sums...
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    IP Expenses Loan advice.

    Paul, I'm using one of those new CBA 100% Offset accounts that let you split it into multiple 'virtual' accounts and then you have the control to hide them in your online/apps views. The plan is for every dollar borrowed for expenses I will put a dollar into a hidden virtual offset account...
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    Anyone paying PM fee separatly instead of receiving rent net.

    Paul, over a life time of investing it will add up to a huge amount especially when talking about rental income higher than your figure. The wonders of compounding interest. Salvatore, I hope I haven't started an avalanche for you.... :) I'll be asking the question, the answer will be...
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    IP Expenses Loan advice.

    Thanks Terry.
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    IP Expenses Loan advice.

    Ever since starting the property investing journey I have been paying for IP expenses using 'cash'. I'm starting to think about debt recycling the expenses. I have two properties I want to start borrowing money for the expenses of. Expenses I am thinking of are rates, water, strata...
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    Anyone paying PM fee separatly instead of receiving rent net.

    I have just been thinking about a few options for debt recycling. One thing I'm stuck on is the ability of receiving the rent in full from the Property Management agency and paying them the PM in full from a different account (or credit card preferably). Is anyone paying it separately...
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    Has Adelaide done its peak?

    I started having a bit of a look 2 years back for a block, or house to demolish, to build the PPOR on in the Southern or Eastern 6-8km distance range from the CBD. You could get >800m2 block for $550k. Didn't do anything at the time but have started looking again in the last few months and...
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    property investors winners

    Tax deductibility makes the repair cost $0 after tax?
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    Investment Property in Adelaide CBD - 6% Rental Return

    What are your reasons for wanting to by an OTP unit? How does their sale price match up to comparable units that are already completed and are on the market? I would ignore the short term rent back. I'm a value investor and the number one thing for me is comparable sales to find the true...
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    Investing in Shares..

    How do LIC's compare to ETF's? Fee's charged by the managers of a LIC like AFI seem really low.
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    Hating not being able to search by land size on the map view. They have a drop down box to refine your search, why wouldn't they just put the land size filters in there?
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    Adelaide Investment Suburbs

    Not at the wonderful Advertiser. Stories come to them, not the other way around. The agents set the tiny reserve knowing too well that it will make the papers then go and tell the folk on Waymouth St who then cobble together a wonderful 'story' for publication. A small price to pay for the...
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    Property manager not being able to find a tenant

    Don't discount the value of following this advice Oneworld. Plenty of experienced heads here that will be able to give you an accurate unbiased guide as to what is wrong.
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    How do you start your research?

    I do pretty much what Singo has mentioned but less time on the ground only because time doesn't permit. I also do a fair amount of research about infrastructure planning and development to help choose areas that will benefit from those upgrades. Nothing beats RPData though to give you sales...
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    Adelaide Investment Suburbs

    Suzz, no need to argue. The only reason the purchaser got their face in the paper was because the agents team did a good job with the marketing ploy. Just having a quick look at rpdata, there has been more than 12 hotel units sold in the last 18 months for <$100k. I'm sure most of those...
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    Inflation: The invisible Tax

    Interesting topic Oracle. I've always seen buying vacant land a bit like buying gold, i'm not overly interested unless there's some cash flow coming from it. Does the average block of land only go up the same as the rate of inflation? Pretty poor choice of land if you ask me. Ausprop, we're...