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    Improve Air Flow and Ventilation

    Hey Everyone, As the title suggests, I'm looking for ways to increase air flow and ventilation in one of my IP's. It's a highset house with hardplex? Walls which apparently don't bresth as well as other materials. This is causing constant mould issues and I'm keen to get the problem...
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    Washing Machine - Body Corp

    Hi Everyone, I have a unit in a complex of 6. There is a communal washing machine area and my unit does not have the appropriate plumbing to have a washing machine. So the washing machine in the communal area is not working now and the body corp manager says he does not want to fix it...
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    Mortgage Broker - Gold Coast

    Hi Everyone, Can I please get any referrals to a good mortgage broker on the Gold Coast? I have only dealt with the Banks lenders and I have had bad experiences so far. Cheers Cash Flows
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    Exit Strategy - Please Explain

    I am wondering if anyone can explain this to me a little further. Exactly what do others consider as an exit strategy with their IP's? I know I can sell and use redraw in case of emergency but not sure what others consider to be an exit strategy. Cheers Cash Flows
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    Best Area Under $200K with good yield

    Hi All, As the title suggests, I am looking for an update on where people believe the best properties are under $200k with a good yield (7%+) Cheers Cash Flows
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    Building a Property Portfolio - Mid 20's

    Hi All, Long time reader, first time poster here. I really value the insights and discussion that this forum provides to fellow investors and I hope I can contribute in the future! A bit of background information about myself. *26 Years old currently earning 60k pa; *1 IP on the Gold Coast -...