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    Sale contract versus Offer Form

    The following thread/poll discusses this exact issue:
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    Letter of Offer vs Signed contract

    I am having trouble working out what is best based on searching the forum, so I am after feedback. When you are making an offer on a property do you give the REA a "Letter of offer" similar to the templates shown in other forum posts, or you just give the real estate agent a signed contract...
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    Silly question re owning an apartment

    If you want to know for sure, just get a copy of the contract, this should include a copy of the body corp rules, ours was a 200 page document. It should answer all the questions you have.
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    Silly question re owning an apartment

    Very handy information! I assume if a shower was leaking into the apartment below this implies the structure is wood not concrete? (I cant imagine how a shower could leak through a concrete slab (: If this is the case, water leaking through the building would affect the structural integrity of...
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    property Valuer Salary

    Good question I have been wondering the exact same thing lately!
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    When settlement dates don't match???

    $1M does sound like quite a lot if you are unable to set aside some cash reserves to cover when rental income is temporarily unavailable due to being in between tenants. No-one here can give you good advise when they dont really know your circumstances, however I suspect it happens more...
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    ANZ So Slow & might lose property now

    We had similar experience with the bank, they seem to not care about getting anything done unless it is close to the deadline. With our first loan they essentially did nothing and wouldn't talk to us and then a few days before the settlement date they called us saying there were some problems...
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    When settlement dates don't match???

    I see you are relatively new here, having only two posts. You might want to explain why you think you cant keep the old house, there may be ways you can keep it. My understanding is that depending on your circumstances, there may be ways you can manage to keep the old house.
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    Help! asked to sign no-condition contract..

    Not doing their job "Someone not doing their job" were my thoughts exactly. My experience is it is the lawyers job to sort that out for you, (I wasn't willing to post it as I wasn't sure if my experience was normal/standard).
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    Railway track in backyard....well not quite :)

    For what its worth, I lived directly opposite a suburban train station. When we first moved in it sounded so noisy, but after a few weeks I no longer heard anything at all.
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    Vendor Renting on...

    Lol, Im just imagining them settling and then getting kicked out because they refused to sign the rental agreement. (: But yes I dont think there should be anything stopping having the rental agreement signed ASAP to ease the sleep at night factor (: Assumedly it wont come to this, but I...
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    Help! asked to sign no-condition contract..

    Cant your solicitor/lawyer just communicate directly with the real estate agent agent to organise for either a refund any money, or to provide a new contract with terms that are acceptable? When we bought our current PPOR, the solicitors simply communicated directly with the REA to sort out...
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    Analysis Paralysis

    Get another bank account... Can you try getting a second bank account (this is important) and have 10% of your income put in it? The second bank account is important psychologically as you can set it up to have little/no ability to take money out. Also if you dont have an offset account...
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    obtaining info on body corporate AFTER contract has been signed ?

    Thats a good question, I myself wondered about it at an apartment we just bought. Seeing them beforehand would have been a good chance to double check your not buying into some major issues. Wonder if they are considered private so they would not release them to non owners.
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    What would you do with this kitchen?

    Can you rip out the kitchen and one of the walls if it joins the lounge? Seen quite a few places where ripping out a wall can makethe kitchen/lounge feel much more spacious. I suspect that would increase the value and rent income quite a lot.
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    Auction questions

    Pre-sign the contract? It occurs to me, couldnt someone just get a copy of the contract beforehand, and sign it, the trusted friend/relative can ensure the correct number is filled in if you win at auction.
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    Unit in Same complex Asking $240 pw

    Rest of house ? Mmm, no photos of rest of house would make me think there is something wrong with it... ie CBD apartments that do not advertise their size, tells you immediately that its too small / smaller than average and not to bother looking at it.
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    One week before settlement - What happens?

    We just bought our first house (apartment). As best as I can tell you need to organise to hook up power/water/gas/etc... As far as everything else, our conveyencer just talks to our bank and the vendors solicitor. The conveyencer just sorts it out and then you get a call saying you can pick...
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    Townhouse with no Strata

    The thing that would concern me is if there is not yet a body corp, how much will the BC fees be when it is bought, and also how much is your vote worth? (ie is a developer going to hook himself up with an apartment or two with 51% of the voting power?) We almost bought an apartment a few...
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    How to find person to do valuation?

    A quick search couldn't find any info on this, wonder if anyone can point us in the right direction. Does anyone (or is anyone here) have a good contact to do a valuation of a house in Melbourne for a reasonable price? In-laws are looking to sell house in inner eastern suburbs, approximately...