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    WIR & ensuite extension

    Hello, Anyone know how much it'd roughly cost to add an ensuite to a bedroom connected by a WIR? Thanks :)
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    Calculating how long left to pay off HECS

    Hello, Just wondering if someone who is a bit more mathematically minded can help me with my calculation. I'm just trying to calculate how long it'll take before my HECS debt is paid but including the adjustment they make for inflation. My debt is ~50k at present. This is mainly due to an...
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    $1.6 million house in Caroline Springs This house sold the other week for $1.6 million. Thoughts? :p It's a nice looking house for sure but seems to be a bit of an over-capitalisation for the suburb. I wonder how much the seller made from the sale.
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    What happens if you sell at a loss?

    Hello, Just wondering what happens in the event that I sell an IP but the sale price is only enough to say pay ~95% of the loan? What happens to the rest of the balance (and repayments) and is there any chance of negotiating with the bank to accept this amount as a full and final payment to...
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    Security - what can I offer?

    Hello, I've just heard from my PM that my IP was broken into yesterday - the burglar broke a window to get in. I am getting the window replaced now. The tenant has stated they are considering leaving as they do not feel safe. The IP isn't in the best area and these tenants have been unusually...
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    Gas supply

    Hello, Just wondering if there's a way to get gas supply connected to house that doesn't have it available? Other houses very close by on the same street are connected (i.e. #91 has it, #100 doesn't - maybe others that are even closer have it as well). How much would this cost roughly...
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    Lender options with new job

    Hello, Just wondering if there are any lenders that would consider the income of an applicant who has just started a new job and what is the earliest they would consider this? I've been in my FT job for 4.5 years and my husband is currently looking for a new job - it will be either part-time...
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    Canberra townhouses

    Hello, Was just wondering what others thought about the short to medium term prospects for growth for townhouses in Canberra? I know there's a huge oversupply of apartments and rents have plummeted. I'm a bit unsure about townhouses though. I am thinking of those mainly in areas with good...
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    Own title townhouse

    Hello, Just wondering if you are able to do major renos or extensions on townhouses with their own title? I'm guessing you could as there's no body corporate to consult so it would just be council approval (if needed, depending on type of reno) - is this right? Thanks :)
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    "Shell" apartments

    Hello, I'm not sure if there are any legal or other restrictions against this type of development but I was wondering why there aren't any developers building empty shell apartments? By that, I mean you purchase an apartment and it doesn't have anything except the walls. The buyer can then...
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    OTP with a Porsche

    Developers of a new apartment building in Albert Park in Melbourne are placing the first 50 buyers into the draw to win a 125k Porsche Boxter. I wonder if it'll be successful? One in 50 is not bad odds but it seems a bit desperate for a supposedly high end development. Thoughts...
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    Ashburton house sells for $5.8 million

    I found this quite surprising as I used to work in the area about 6 years ago. Didn't really think it would be a million dollar suburb at the time. Pretty funny that the REA advertised it "Glen Iris" though :p...
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    Selling IP to tenant - anyone done this?

    Hello, Just wondering if anyone has done this and how they approached the tenant to see if they were interested? I don't think I want to go through the PM as they'll probably want to take a cut. I know that in NSW, you need to have a contract drawn up before listing a property for sale...
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    Offset account & interest in advance

    Hello, If I wanted to pay a set number of months worth of interest in advance on a home loan, how would the amount of interest be calculated if there was an offset account as well? Is it just assumed that the balance at the time the payment is made applies to all the monthly payments? I hope...
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    Credit enquiry removal

    Hello, I was just wondering if anyone knows if there's a process to go through to remove credit enquiries from your file that are there due to others mistakes? E.g., a professional putting in an unfinished/not checked application which a bank rejects when one of the reasons for rejection is...
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    Hello, Just wondering how influential recent sales are for revaluations and how close valuers prefer the houses to be in terms of location and the interior/features of the house when comparing. The house directly across the road from our PPOR was sold recently for a bit more than we paid...
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    Small bathroom reno

    Hello, We're considering doing a small reno on our PPOR bathroom early next year. Just wondering if people had a rough idea on costs for the below. - Will be keeping bathtub, vanity and toilet (in its own room) as they are in good condition - All fittings to be kept in same place - New...
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    Carpet replacement

    Hello, Has anyone had any luck with Terri Scheer claiming for carpet replacement? The tenant seems to have damaged the carpet with lots of random marks and spills on it. I will post pics when I get home but it looks like paint maybe? Along with some other stuff. Thoughts?
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    Handyman in Wagga

    Hello, Just wondering if anyone has recommendations for a good handyman in Wagga? We've been given a quote from our PM but it's a bit on the high side so I thought I'd get a second one. Work we need done: - Rubbish removal of contents of house (4 bedroom house with lots of junk) -...
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    Feedback on quote

    Hello, I've received the below quote for repairs/cleaning. Just wanted to check whether this is reasonable (it seems on the high side - especially the first two items) and whether a lot this work can be claimed on insurance? We are with Terri Scheer. Thanks :)