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    Subdivision finance

    Hi guys, Currently doing a subdivision for one of my property (2 titles to 5). The plan is to retain the existing property and make 4 extra vacant block at the back (300sqm each street fronting). I am planning to build on 2 of them and leave the other vacant block (future build or sell off as...
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    When to dispose off contract of sale

    Hi I am still keeping all the contracts for my IPs and PPoR over the years and wondering when it is safe to chuck them away. I spoke to my PM and he said that I can throw them away after the sale? Just wondering if I need it in the future for CGT purpose etc. Cheers
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    Interesting publication Anyone read this? Quite surprised that it is posted in the property website.
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    PPoR for young professional in Perth

    Hi WA gurus, One of my close friends is looking to buy his first home in WA and he would like to stay close to the city. He is thinking of getting a house and land package because he likes to leave in a new house and also save of stamp duty. He would like to live in between the city and the...
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    Townhouse H&L package with common wall

    Hi all, I have a friend that was put on a business loan secured against his unencumbered property for the build cost of his H&L property. The bank manager informed him that the best option available was a Business Loan because policy has changed in regards to building a property with a common...
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    Heat Pump!

    Hi guys, Just found out that the street that I am building on doesn't have a gas connection. I was given a choice between heat pump/ solar, went for the heat pump option. However, they wanted to sell me a Rheem unit for about 4.7k, told them to just include provision and I'll shop around...
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    long term settlement contract Similar to an option but you have to settle. For 4 dollars a day, it seems reasonable? Anyone have any experience with these sorts of deals ? Cheers
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    Asbestos Shed Removal @ Adelaide

    Hi guys, Just looking to demolish and remove an old carport which has asbestos in it. Got quoted for 3.5k for it. Any recommendation for more affordable removalist out in Adelaide? Cheers
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    purchasing costs- buyer agent fee

    Hi Just saw that conveyance fee is capital base. Just wondering what about buyer agents fee? Cheers
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    Property bubble ready to pop Sometimes it is good to hear the other side of the coin. The thing I can gather from this is : 1) Buy below median price 2) Buy in states with lower median price (SA/ Brisbane) 3) Save some cash to buy in bubble...
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    Buy -> cosmetic Reno -> revalue

    Hi guys, Lets say you buy a property under market value, do a quick cosmetic renovation and revalue in short period of time (less than 6 months) to release equity. If the market hasn't moved in the short period, wouldn't the valuation come in as price you paid for + Reno costs, ie you haven't...
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    Positive credit rating system and implications for investors

    Hi all, With the new system being rolled out this year, how would it affect investors who wants to amass a sizeable portfolio. The positive rating system will have these additional parameters - Type of account (e.g. credit card, home loan etc.) - Date the account was opened and...
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    refinance with half split and half variable

    Hi Can you refinance the variable portion only if its half fix and variable ? Cheers Bez
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    Bank order for property portfolio

    Hi In order build a sustainable portfolio and maximize lending, we need to structure the loans to borrow from the more stingy lenders first. We know that we start from the big four and end up with banks like AMP. Can someone who owns a large portfolio share their order of which bank they use...
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    Capital growth- land size threshold

    Hi guys, As the saying goes, land appreciates and building depreciates, however buying closer to CBD means less land for the same price. How do you make a decision on how much land is enough ? ie subdivision potential as threshold Or do you just go for best yield in the best area whilst...
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    Interest rate coming down?

    RBA governor Glenn Stevens says downturn inevitable Australia should not be foolish in thinking it is going to continue having uninterrupted economic expansion, RBA governor Glenn Stevens says, warning that a downturn would happen eventually. Mr Stevens said the country was "building up...
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    Offset + split loans

    Hi all, I have a PPoR with offset facility interest only at 80% LVR. I did this because I thought it would be wise to keep the LVR high so when I move to another PPoR in a few years time, I can just rent this house out with maximum tax deductible debt. First year investing and up to my third...
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    Cost of footings- Sterling Homes

    Hi all, I am thinking of buying a house and land package with Sterling Homes. Everything is fixed price apart from footing. Land size a bit over 300 and build area around 120m2. They allowed $14000 for additional cost for footings on top of their normal footing allowance. Salesperson told me...