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    loan repayments weekly, fortnightly or monthly

    so my question is should i have my loan repayments made weekly or monthly? i was thinking monthly from a bookkeeping point of view. but then weekly repayments would be saving me interest on the loan as it has less time to compound. what do you guys do?
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    to increase yield

    hi all, so i'm hearing that the new changes for serviceability is 7.5% and P&I that being said to help you be able to get more IP's would it be smart to include water / power into the rent? as it would show a better yield / more rent.. or is this pointless?
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    home insurance landlord insurance

    hi all, what questions should i ask when getting home insurance? is it a bad idea to bundle home and landlord insurance together? what questions should i ask when getting landlord insurance? the properties i'm looking at buying are lower end properties so i'd think there would be a...
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    company trust

    hi guys i'm under the assumption that a company trust set up to buy property through is around 2k set up with a 1k p.a ongoing fees. my question is if u buy ip1 through this structure and then you go to buy ip2 in the same structure how much more does your annual costs go up by? is it another...
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    high rental yield does it mean anything with banks?

    another random question haha, 2 scenarios both 80% lends 1st unit 100k purchase 200 rent 80 wk body corp 10.4% yield 2nd house 100k purchase 145 rent 7.54% yield when trying to purchase both properties banks will ask for a rental appraisal / want to know what the current rent is...
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    loan with redraw or offset account

    having a loan which you can make extra repayments and redraw from or having an offset account. etc say u had an extra 40-100k where is it best to put it offset or back into the loan? ideally wanting to then take it out later to use for a deposit for next ip. i know the major con for having it...
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    body corp

    hi all bit of a dumb question but if a property is a villa etc stand alone in a complex body corp does not cover damage done to the outside of this property? just community structures (etc swimming pools..)? if you have 2 townhouses joined together, share the same roof and external walls...
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    getting equity out

    is there any difference between loans.. IO / P&I when trying to get equity out? etc is it harder to get equity out with a IO loan compared to a P&I? using 80% lends Cheers
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    buying a house with tenants living there with out a lease

    Hi all, i'm looking to buy a property they have tenants living there who aren't on a lease as in theres no lease agreement at all. they have been there for 8 years and apparently are really good tenants (the REA says) if i purchase it i'd want the tenants on a written lease. my question...
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    how to remove timber slats (on internal asbestos walls)

    so basically these are in the lounge room and the house has asbestos walls. are these glued on or nailed on? and has anyone taken these off before?
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    is it possible to take wall paper off asbestos walls?

    so i'm looking at this place that has old wall paper that needs to be removed. it's all asbestos fibro internal walls. has anyone done this before? i'm aware worst case scenario i'd have to take all the walls out and put new ones in but i want to know if it's possible to take the wall...
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    strata / company title

    when buying a unit / townhouse / villa, do you have to pay for a title certificate to find out if it's on a company title / strata title? or can you find it another way? :S also will valuers value strata title more then company? Cheers,
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    fence question

    Hi all, i have found a property that has subdivision potential but. the boundary fence between the neighbour and the property is about 4 metres inside the boundary line. i'm guessing the fence has always been there. i was wanting to know because the property has legal title of the land. how...
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    fixed rates - exit fees

    how much generally does it cost to get out of a fixed rate home loan? does it go on how much you borrowed? etc 300k loan, 500k loan?' i'm only after ball park figures.
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    inheritance, would this work?

    ok so jenny has passed away leaving 600k in her super. theres no will it's going to probate she has a kid jason who is a tradie and she had remarried to john (jason's stepdad) who is also a tradie. ok so if the super goes straight to john (spouse) no tax is paid. so the idea is that 400k john...
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    inheriting a IP through probate

    hi all if say you inherit a investment property in sydney, worth 700k (original sale price was 500k) so 200k equity 1. you have to pay CGT when you inherit right, because it's a IP? 2. when it goes through probate can you choose to sell it to a family friend or a friend for the price...
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    lease option, put option

    hi all, I was wanting to know with a lease option, the option payment which actually comes off the price of the house. but is paid to you weekly for 2-4 years depending on how long the agreement is. is that taxed as income tax because you receive it weekly? or is it only taxed right at...
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    how do developers get away with rebates?

    so i've heard quite a bit about developers getting the price they want (when buying) and then adding on quite a be junk of a rebate and lifting the purchase price this gets them the rebate up front + helps with the valuation later on as the purchase price is high. etc they agree on 470k, they...
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    inheriting a PPOR

    Hi all, so say if you inherit a ppor from your parent which was there ppor. and is fully paid off. if you sell it do you pay no CGT on it because it was there ppor? or would you have to hold it for 12 months to show it is now your ppor? :S the hole idea is not to have to pay CGT Cheers
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    brokers - equity release

    ok so say you've found a property you think its good value you could get it for 200k and comparable sales shows 250-260 for similar properties. but when you do a RP data Automated valuation report it comes in at 200k. land size is a bit bigger then the comparable sales if you used a variable...