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    ANZ staff lend 90pc no lmi?

    Hi everyone Does anz offer its staff 90pc lend without lmi? What's the full policy? Eg How long do you have to work there before you get that, does it apply to ppor only or can you use it for IP too? Thank you in advance
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    Insurance during IP reno

    Hi guys In planning stages of an Ip Reno in vic Currently tenanted. It's a house. Have building and landlord insurance with Ebm (rentcover package?) Will be doing mainly cosmetic Reno eg adding some cupboards in kitchen, replacing vanity in bathroom, replace backyard fencing, replace...
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    Plumbing issue / drain blockage - please assist

    Hi everyone Have encountered a plumbing issue :eek: and would greatly appreciate your comments / suggestions / wisdom. Thank you in advance. Have a 4br brown-brick house IP probably built in the 1970s. Tenants (family of 5) moved in Jan. 2 months ago, there was a blockage in the...
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    how long to wait before I can re-fi again with St George

    Hi everyone St George refinanced a loan of mine from nab in feb. I only asked for a small increase in loan amount to buy a new ip which settled a couple of weeks ago. There is more equity in the original property which I wish to access. Can I ask for a re fi now or do I have to wait for a...
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    Budget trades in Melbourne

    Hello fellow SSers: I'm looking for recommendations for following budget trades in Melbourne to do some work on a low value IP in south: - bathroom reno (rip out replace) - kitchen reno (rip out replace) - general handyman (eg: to replace rotten timber window frames, replace skirting...
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    Who's responsible?

    Hi guys Again calling on the collective wisdom of the SS community. I'm trying to buy a property in Vic. There is some damage in the property as disclosed by building inspection. Tenants moved in last month and havent raised issues. Settlement is 2 months from now. If after the...
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    Desktop valuation for a property PLEEEEEEASE

    Hi everyone Is anyone able to help me run a quick desktop valuation on a property in VIC before 4:30pm? It's my banker's day off. Need to get meself a broker. If you give me your bank details, I'm happy to transfer you a token amount for your trouble and as a gesture of my thank you...
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    what's Sydney's equivalent of Brighton Vic?

    Thanksss in advance!
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    PM to manage property in Frankston VIC - please recommend

    Hi guys Looking for a good PM to manage a standard house in Frankston. I know the area doesn't have a good reputation and want to have a competent experienced PM. Happy to pay a bit more for quality. I'm time poor. Tried to fly down a few times in the last six months to meet some PMs face...
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    Anyone using First National Mulgrave VIC as PM?

    Hi guys I'm looking for a property manager for IP and was wondering if anyone has used First National at Mulgrave? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance. Please feel free to pm me if you prefer to take it offline. Cheers
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    Plantation shutters recommendations in NSW

    Hi guys I'm looking to install some plantation shutters in a property in Sydney near CBD. I've obtained some quotes from a couple local suppliers. Heard it's best to obtain at least 4-5 quotes as the prices can differ widely. I was just wondering if anyone has any recommendations...
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    coneyancer in Vic

    Recommendation for a Conveyancer/Lawyer in VIC Hi everyone I live in Sydney and will be making an offer on a residential property in Vic today (sight unseen) and would like to line up a lawyer or conveyancer in Vic. Looking for someone who's experienced and competent, at a reasonable rate...
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    Vacancy rates

    Hi everyone Does anyone have some current-ish vacancy rates for following suburbs in nsw Seven Hills blacktown Labor park Marayong Thank you I'm advance
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    2br apartments in / near Melbourne CBD

    I was actually looking for a house in Melb but came across all these 2br units in and near CBD for between $450k and $550k. They remind me of the new developments in in Alexandria, Waterloo, Zetland, Chatswood, and Sydney CBD which are selling for >$1m. Compared to Sydney, they have cheaper...
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    Bank's lending policy on these VIC suburbs

    Hi guys I'm doing some preliminary research into the Vic market. For the following suburbs in and around the Melb city, does anyone know how much deposit the major banks require? 20% or 30%? Maybe brokers on ss might know? Beacon Cove (0) Melbourne (137) Port Melbourne...
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    Buying process similar between NSW and VIC?

    Hi everyone I'm looking to purchase a property in Melbourne. I live in Sydney and have only bought in Sydney. A complete NOOBIE when it comes to buying in Melb and would appreciate some advice. I assume the process is similar? 1. Obtain pre-approval from bank 2. Line up conveyancer 3...
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    Does it make sense to pay cash in this case?

    Hi guys Assume the following: 1. You are renovating a property, works include replacing existing kitchen, replacing bathroom, and opening up a wall & adding a wall to create an extra bedroom. 2. Quote for works in cash $20k 3. Quote for works with receipt $30k (same guy doing the works)...
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    Granny flats in Melbourne / Victoria

    Hi guys Did a search and didn't find anything specific to my question. I was just wondering if anyone can shed some light on how councils in Melb /Vic treat granny flats or dual occupancy dwellings? They loosened the requirements in NSW which has made houses on big land popular. I...
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    Suburbs to buy house in Melbourne / Victoria for $650k

    Hi guys I'm from Sydney, very conservative, and never remotely contemplated the idea of investing interstate. After a recent land tax shock, I think it's time for me to venture out. I've never lived in Melbourne, but been there for holidays a few times. I would like to buy a brick...
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    Land tax shock!

    :eek:Hi guys I recently received a notice from OSR requesting registration for land tax. I have done so and was told that I owe land tax for a few years, the bill is horrendous. Can I claim land tax relating to prior tax years in the tax year I actually pay for it? I suspect not? Does...