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    Weep Holes Filled - Need advice?

    Hi all, I was hoping to get some advice on a weep hole issue at my PPOR. The house is on a concrete slab - brick veneer about 20 years old and generally in good condition. Long story short some of the weep holes were filled with expanding foam. I have done my best to remove this but in...
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    Sydney Painter - Hornsby area

    Hi all, I'm looking to get the inside of our house painted and would appreciate any recommendations of painters in Sydney, specifically in servicing around Hornsby? No need to suggest DYI, my wife and I just don't have the time.. We tried but getting nowhere fast. Haha. Not sure if it matters...
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    Sprayed/Bumpy Gyprock? How to get rid of it?

    Hi team, Well I've just settled on our new PPOR. When going through it again yesterday I noticed some of the internal walls seem to be sprayed Gyprock. It feels and sounds like gyprock when I tap it (ie not concrete). But it looks terrible I can't repaint with it there. It looks similar to a...
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    Submitting offers subject to "satisfactory feasibility" for development

    Hi team, This is somewhat related to I'm looking at purchasing a small development site in the near future. I was wondering whether it is possible to submit an offer subject a satisfactory feasibility study to be performed by a...
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    Duplex designs for sloping block or pole duplex?

    Hi team, This is related to I'm currently looking at land in the Hornsby LGA and some of the blocks appear to be suitable for a duplex but have a large slope towards the road (maybe 20-30 degrees). Does anyone have experience building...
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    Hornsby Council LEP/DCP and Subdivision

    Hi team, I'm starting to look for Duplex land anywhere in the Hornsby Shire LGA and just want to make sure I'm understanding the LEP/DCP correctly regarding subdivision of the Duplex/MUH on completion. It is my understanding that you can build multi-unit housing in Residential A (where...
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    Good property manager - Caboolture

    Hi team, Not sure if I'm posting this in the correct forum - if not sorry! I'm looking for recommendations for a new property manager for 2 properties in Caboolture. My current one is useless and looking to change in the near future. I will do my own DD but some suggestions would be...
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    PM That will cover Caboolture and Redcliffe

    Hi all, Looking to consolidate and reduce my % management costs. I will soon have 2 IPs in Caboolture and 1 in Redcliffe. I've approached my current Redcliffe PM but they aren't interested. Does anyone know of a PM who may? Looking to get costs < 6% Or if anyone has multiple IPs in...
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    CGT - On settlement or when contracts exchange?

    Hi all, Lets say I have an IP that I sell in March, contracts exchange and deal has gone unconditional. However actual settlement is in July. Which year would CGT apply?
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    Buying in an outer suburb - The real cost!

    Hi all, Trust we are all well. This thread has been inspired by in particular this thread Often the idea comes up of “buy where you can afford” “buy the cheapest $%^$ you can”. This is obviously important, but sometimes I feel...
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    Looking for draftsman for Blacktown Council (Duplex)

    Hi all A colleague at work has a large black of land in Blacktown which he is looking to build a duplex on. I’m looking for a suitable draftsman who is familiar with the Blacktown DCP who can design a suitable duplex and manage the DA process. Cheers Luke
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    Building - Claiming GST credits, then keeping property?

    Hi all I'm soon to start building a duplex. While I would like to keep both, things can change. It is my understanding from my accountant that unless I claim the GST credits as I go, AND if I decide to sell I will never be able to recover this.. So I need to be registered and claim the GST...
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    Brisbane based solicitor?

    Hi all, I'm looking for a Brisbane based solicitor, someone who is pretty experienced and good to deal with. Someone familiar with delayed settlements with land would be good. Regards, Luke
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    Career vs Travel? Need advice..

    I really appreciate the advice of somersoft people and would really like some advice on my conundrum. While this is not property related I still need some direction. Please excuse the long post but you need to get the background to understand… I’ll give a brief background to completely...
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    Townhouse block improvements through BC?

    Hi all I own a townhouse in a block of 4. The townhouses were built in 1985 and look somewhat dated. My question is, how do you go about organising improvments for a whole block? My thoughts were getting the whole lot rendered, driveway re-surfaced and roofs resprayed. I was hoping to...
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    Good travel/backpacking bag?

    Hi all I’m looking to do some traveling and now am looking at getting a proper backpacking bag. Now, I pretty much know nothing about this subject. I don’t even know where to start. So I have a few questions to get started. I would appreciate any advice anyone can offer me. - What to...
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    Podcasts on

    While not properly related, I thought some people might be interested. Haven't had time to listen to any yet though. Only just noticed them and thought people could benefit. Grimey
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    Young single Mum as tenant?

    Hi, My unit is Wollongong has recently come vacant and the first application I have received is from an 18 year old single mother. She has no previous rental history but the agents says she seems well presented and nice enough. The rent will be paid directly from CentreLink so there will...
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    Moving forward and retirement planning

    Bare with me, this will probably be a long post. I’ve been reading this forum now for over 3 years, read all the books etc. I’m now happy with my level of knowledge about property investing and investing in general. However, I feel like I’m just buying and investing with no clear goals about...
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    Verifying a bank cheque?

    Hi, This might seem like a strange question.. But I want to put my mind to rest. I have someone picking up an expensive item off myself, and they are paying by bank cheque when picking the item up. I have never seen a bank cheque before, how do they work? how do you verify them? I just...