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  1. Peter Parker

    1 Bedders in Melbourne

    Note that gross yields may be higher but so are fixed costs. Eg hot water systems, stoves, plumbing would be the same for 1x1, 2x1 or 3x1. Ditto for fixed charges the pm slaps on. These are proportionately higher for lower rent places. Still a reasonable sized 1br in a well located small block...
  2. Peter Parker

    58 people in a 3 bed house

    It's not unknown to have 'hot-bunking' where tenants take it in turns to sleep. Assuming an under-the-counter 12 hour/day job that can double capacity.
  3. Peter Parker

    Budget $330k Western suburbs Melbourne

    The latter two probably imply an older area, eg Hoppers, Werribee or Wyndham Vale. Wyndham Vale is a bit remote from services but the northern part is near Manor Lakes shops and the new station. However houses get newer and blocks get smaller as you go further north. Note that the new...
  4. Peter Parker

    Is there a way for landlords to join forces and boycott kmart?

    Buy IPs in the nation that gave us Charles Dickens. There you can have a prepaid power meter.
  5. Peter Parker

    Anyone remember the days before the property boom?

    You could find a property you fancied on the web, train, fly and bus 3000km and it would still be available to make an offer on when you got there. And there'd be none of this 'I've received another offer' from the agent. If an auction you might be the only bidder.
  6. Peter Parker

    Average Wage vs Median Price

    You might be onto something. According to these both have about the same average income with Wezza a little more. BUT...
  7. Peter Parker

    Average Wage vs Median Price

    I don't believe those numbers. Eg Glen Waverley with lower average incomes than Werribee? Maybe those income numbers are based on postcodes rather than single suburbs. Eg Werribee is in 3030, but so is Point Cook and Sanctuary Lakes which have high incomes (and higher house prices).
  8. Peter Parker

    6 New Suburbs for Melbourne Fringe..

    Doesn't seem much different from any other fringe development. All the planned facilities and services are heavily 'subject to' many things. Why would one not pick somewhere a similar distance out but with established facilities, eg Sunbury, if one wanted an outer suburb? Another thing is...
  9. Peter Parker

    "Parts of Melbourne in a bubble"

    The difference between Sunshine and Westall is that Sunshine, for all its faults, is a real community with a discernible centre and life that's grown over years. It's got shops, cafes, schools and even a seat of local government. It has a history which is intertwined with the state's. Numerous...
  10. Peter Parker

    Wyndham Vale/Truganina/Tarneit Precinct.

    It always amuses me to read the lies being put out by shonky land spruikers. Especially when the facts are so easily obtainable. This area is not immune to such nefarious activities. Take this piece of puffery...
  11. Peter Parker

    Driverless cars - the biggest potential impact to real estate?

    But as soon as you wish to leave early, late or go via somewhere else, you're on your own. Car pooling is not liberating like having your own car, bike or even good public transport is.
  12. Peter Parker

    Greensborough / Montmorency / Eltham

    Undulating, leafy, liveable, middle-class suburbs full of 'relaxed and comfortable' baby boomers. Not known for nightlife. No apartments. Not multicultural. Little population growth. NIMBYs. Trains and reasonable bus services but no freeways - people complain about driving. Hobby...
  13. Peter Parker

    Wyndham Vale/Truganina/Tarneit Precinct.

    Timetables for the Regional Rail Link, serving Wyndham Vale and Tarneit, were released this morning. There is also a substantial upgrade to local buses.
  14. Peter Parker

    Is it time for Frankston?

    A detailed analysis of education levels in the south-eastern suburbs, including Frankston and Dandenong. While Greater Dandenong is more disadvantaged than Frankston, page 21 shows that education...
  15. Peter Parker

    Looking to invest in Melton Vic

    Yep. There's about 9km of emptiness between Caroline Springs and Melton. Make that 8km when Plumpton is built. The only things going for the area are freeway access and trains (fast but infrequent V/Line). Governments aren't putting as many resources into new areas as the population would...
  16. Peter Parker

    Looking to invest in Melton Vic

    Good question. Of all the outer suburbs, residents of Melton are more likely to work outside their municipality than anyone else. And because of the nothingness, driving distances are much further. The likes of Berwick is also a long way out but there's more continuous development and...
  17. Peter Parker

    Fast and slow words

    Or they may be mostly based in Melbourne but head north to their Queensland holiday home (which they also own) in winter. My understanding is that only one of them can be counted as a PPOR at any one time and thus has the capital gains tax exemption...
  18. Peter Parker

    Looking to invest in Melton Vic

    Melton (and Noble Park) gets another push in today's Age with the local spruikers avoiding the fact that it's one of the worst placed locations in Melbourne for access to local jobs.
  19. Peter Parker

    Is it time for Laverton yet?

    Zone 1 doesn't mean anything as the same cheap fares now apply out to Werribee & even Lara. Laverton itself just has rundown shops and awkward roads that make travel longer than it should be (eg to Altona Meadows shops). But if Williams landing town centre develops & there's a more direct...
  20. Peter Parker

    Football wisdom

    And on the other side of the coin, their huge incomes can make them prey for the sharks.