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  1. Jake Milne

    Deer Park - Write Up

    Hi Guys, Mentioned this in another thread thought I'd post it front page for future searches. Investing in Deer Park. Let me first say, I'm personally not a fan of Deer Park as an investment area but I understand that you, as an investor will come to your own conclusions and as such I'll...
  2. Jake Milne

    If you were given $500,000. Which city would you buy in?

    Interested to see where sentiment lies with respect to our major cities.
  3. Jake Milne

    What problems have you encountered when you're looking to buy property?

    Okay, I've decided to post this partially because I'm interested in seeing what aspects of purchasing the majority of us here need help with. Once we've got a good list there should be some common themes and then I and the community can write posts to help everyone out! So guys, I put it...
  4. Jake Milne

    Free Capital City Market Report

    Wondering how the capital cities are performing? Here's a report courtesy of Domain & APM:
  5. Jake Milne

    Seminar: Buying your 1st PPOR

    Hey guys, we're speakaing seminar for those who are looking for a first time PPOR. Details: Blurb: As a Young Professional, we know that you (and your partner) are focussed on building your career, and want to enjoy the lifestyle that...
  6. Jake Milne

    Why is Sydney so expensive?

    Cool little video about Syd living costs:
  7. Jake Milne

    Melbourne's heating up...

    Even though we've had a two year glut; many of you would have noticed by now that Melbourne's clearance rates have been holding firm above 70% (50%-60% in 2012) for several months now, we haven't really seen a lot of run away results at auction... until now. On Saturday, I saw three auctions...
  8. Jake Milne

    25bps Interest Rate Cut Today!

    Another cut! OCR is now only 2.5% ...hope banks pass it on! Time to lock into Flat Rate!?
  9. Jake Milne

    $100,000/pa Passive Income...

    I come across A LOT of new investors that have the dream to own "10 properties in 10 years" ...OR they wan't $100,000 of passive income when they retire. These are both extremely ambitious goals and out of 500+ clients I've only a handful that have had the tenacity and determination to secure...
  10. Jake Milne

    Upcoming Workshop: Melbourne

    Hi guys, some of you will know that when I post on somersoft I try to divulge as much helpful advice as possible for the betterment of our community. To that effect I will be presenting at a workshop we've put together here at infolio. It's in Melbourne in a few weeks and is guaranteed to give...
  11. Jake Milne

    Opportunity to be in a major Newspaper?

    Hi Somersoft, A leading newspaper has asked me to find somebody that has recently participated at auction or attempted to buy a property and wishes that they had used a Buyer's Advocate. If this is you please PM me and I'll make the introduction for the article.
  12. Jake Milne

    Dream House: Where & What would you buy

    If money was no boundary what is your ultimate property and where would it be? Mine would be something like this:
  13. Jake Milne

    South Australia 'sitting on oil worth $20 trillion'

    Now I'm not usually one for speculation but if this is true, feasible to extract and actually goes to development Adelaide is looking very attractive. australia--sitting-on-oil-worth--20-trillion--221758928.html
  14. Jake Milne

    Top 10 Highest Yielding Suburbs

    Excerpt from the top 200 list by APM and Realestateinvestar: Rank, Suburb, State, Postcode, Dwelling Type, Bedrooms, Median Listing Price, Weekly Median Rent, Rental Yield 1 WOREE QLD 4868 Unit Studio & 1 $50,000 $165 17.16% 2 NEWMAN WA 6753 House 4 $950,000 $3000 16.42% 3 PARAP...
  15. Jake Milne

    Top 10 Fastest growing suburbs (12 Months (Australia))

    Report produced by APM and Realestateinvestar: 1 PICTON NSW House 4 $699,000 37.27% 2 MORANBAH QLD House 3 $665,000 36.73% 3 BLACKWATER QLD House 3 $475,000 34.29% 4 AVOCA BEACH NSW House 4 $840,000 30.23% 5 BURWOOD NSW Unit 2 $645,000 29.00% 6 CARLTON VIC Unit 2...
  16. Jake Milne

    Information Sources used by a Buyers Agent

    Here’s some of my resource list. Contains investing info one may need to support decisions. Hope it helps... DATAHOUSE http://www.***************************/ FEDERAL...
  17. Jake Milne

    What's hot 2013 (Melbourne)

    Fairfield is a north eastern suburb of Melbourne that has a population of 5,946 and is 6km from the city. Over the last 12 months Fairfield units have grown by 16.7%. The suburb has excellent access to the city via train, bus or car. This area mainly attracts single professionals who are in...
  18. Jake Milne

    Growth - What do you look for when investing for CG?

    Curious to see what others focus on when buying for growth... Established patterns? Economic activity? Waterfronts? Discuss.
  19. Jake Milne

    Controlling EMOTIONS

    I see it time and time again. First time buyers, novice investors through to your seasoned purchaser. I'm talking about people letting emotions cloud their decisions. So here are some pointers... The biggest thing is usually just identifying if you're being emotional to the extent that...
  20. Jake Milne

    Property Investor of the Year Awards - 2012

    Didn't know where to post this but would encourage those here that are active to enter or nominate: