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  1. andrew_woolman

    Roxby Downs - update

    Does anyone have an up to date opinion on Roxby Downs? We’ve all seen the news that BHP announced a half-yearly profit of $10.56b is investing 80billion in growing it’s assets. The Olympic Dam expansion is on track to be given the go ahead sometime around the end of the year or early 2012. If...
  2. andrew_woolman

    My friends in massive credit card debt

    Bear in mind that if he doesn't pay off the balance within the 6 month period (or whatever is on offer) then the interest rate will revert back to the market rate of at least 19%
  3. andrew_woolman

    Advice for my parents

    You are correct regarding the selling costs a CGT. At some point your parents will need to take charge of thier own investment path. If they want to lose money by undercharging rent by approx $100 per week then that's thier choice. You put them on the right path, but they need to walk the walk...
  4. andrew_woolman

    Advice for my parents

    The Adelaide IP looks like it's probably due for a serious rent adjustment. $230 p/w is way too low. That should help a bit. Selling this property now would leave them owing only $45k. So that is always an option and should put them debt free in 3 -5 years with the $100k LOC still available. How...
  5. andrew_woolman

    Quail Reno....

    Had trouble with the Facebook site. It would be great to see some pictures though
  6. andrew_woolman

    Can openers

    Tupperware make something like this. Like all things that are Tupperware it's a compete reinvention of something that didn't need reinventing. They should stick to storage
  7. andrew_woolman

    Adelaide get together Created Adelaide Property Group at the above URL. Please feel free to join and hopefully we can start something
  8. andrew_woolman

    Adelaide Investor Groups/ Clubs

    Created Adelaide Property Group on this forum. Feel free to join.
  9. andrew_woolman

    Adelaide Investor Groups/ Clubs

    Isn't there a spot on this site that you can create groups?
  10. andrew_woolman

    Sub Dividing in Adelaide

    Has anyone heard of or used these guys? Subdivision Assistance, Adelaide.
  11. andrew_woolman

    Adelaide get together

    Count me in.
  12. andrew_woolman

    Adelaide Investor Groups/ Clubs

    Are there any groups or clubs in Adelaide that meet semi regularly that anyone can recommend? Whatever your persuit, it's always better when you share it with people who share your passion.
  13. andrew_woolman

    What are the costs and steps of subdividing?

    Thanks Brett, I'm looking at doing something similar, but I'll be able to rent out during the approval process for around $250.00 p/wk. There doesn't seem to be a step by step guide as to the process from start to finish. Is it because it's an art that you have to learn or because there a...
  14. andrew_woolman

    Sub Dividing in Adelaide

    Mr RumpledElf, How long did it take and how much were the costs to subdivide? I guess by now construction would be underway.