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  1. mystery

    Valuers, ...What planet are they from?

    Got a dual occupancy development up in Redbank Plains that we are looking to refinance. Bank valued it at $580,000 in 2012. Different bank valuer went out to inspect yesterday and came back with a valuation of $420,000..... I'm dumbfounded. This is for a totally renovated 3,1,1 and a 2 year...
  2. mystery

    What are AMP like to deal with?

    We are considering an AMP loan for our next IP. Can anyone or any of the mortgage brokers give me some feedback on dealing with AMP. Thanks Mystery
  3. mystery

    Our most expensive property purchase to date

    I was sitting around at home the other day thinking of all the properties that I and my wife and I have bought, sold, renovated, developed and held over 32 years since buying my first block of land at - 24 The Loop, Edgewater (WA) around 1978/9. I wish we still owned every one of them ... :(...
  4. mystery

    Age is becoming a real issue with most lenders.

    Did anyone else see this article in today's Sydney Morning Herald. It could create some problems with people in their 50's who want to get into the property market. I suppose it was only a matter of time. See below ..... __________________________________________________________________ A...
  5. mystery

    need tough PM for Goodna Ipswich area

    We are sick of fixing up problems after weak useless PM's allow our properties to fall into disrepair whilst writing "clean and Tidy" on the inspection reports. So far this year I've had to do 2 x 3 week reno's to fix cleanliness issues and repairs after tenants have vacated and given the bond...
  6. mystery

    Insurance Broker ... Can someone recommend

    We have just received another couple of landlord insurance renewals in the post and it seems like we are paying a fortune for landlord and building insurance through NRMA even though we are supposed to be getting a discount. I thought that I'd like to try an insurance broker to see if they can...
  7. mystery

    Notice period in Qld

    Can some tell me what notice we have to give a tenant on a fixed lease in Qld if we sell the property. The possible buyer wants vacant possession. This is a strange one : the next door neighbor has been having an ongoing battle with our tenant, so they have asked me if we will sell our IP to...
  8. mystery

    Strata Title and Body Corp setup costs

    Can someone help with the following I have done a search but couldn't find exactly what I was after : We have been waiting eight weeks so far for bank loan approval to build a new detached house on a corner block in SE Qld. The sticking point with the lender at present is that they want to...
  9. mystery

    Body Corp Question

    We seem to have an eletrical wiring problems on one of our unit/flat due to the age of the property and brittle wiring that breaks the circuit when installing new lights. As the wires are basically outside the internal walls/ceiling does this repair come under the body corps juristiction? Or...
  10. mystery

    Under main roof carport into bedroom 4/SE Qld

    Has anybody closed in an under main roof carport and converted it into a fourth bedroom? We have a 3 bed, 1 bath property in SE Qld. We want to close in the existing carport and make into another bedroom with ensuite to make the property 4 bed, 2 bath. - has anyone here done...
  11. mystery

    Looking for new PM (Melton) .... who would you recommend

    We have had the same property managers (Stockdale & Leggo) since we bought 2 x IP's in Melton a few years ago. They have over 600 properties on their books. The PM's are overloaded which makes it difficult getting any attention or action. I'm also fed up with having to push for rent increases...
  12. mystery

    Title search - Vic

    If we wanted to find out who owned a property behind one of our IP's in Victoria, .... where would we go/do to find out the current owner? Thanks Martin
  13. mystery

    Building an IP .... what approx m2 cost in Qld?

    Hi all, I haven't contacted any builders as yet as we are currently still having plans drawn up. The building designer we are using told me that to build a basic 4,2,2 house in SE Qld, will cost between $800m2-$900m2, ... does this sound about right? Plus, .... what inclusions does this sort...
  14. mystery

    Planning to build IP, ... design ... what should we consider?

    We are in the process of submitting a dual occupancy application to council for on one of our IP locations in Redbank Plains, SE Qld, We have a building designer drawing plans for a 4 bed, 2 bath and DLUG on 400m2 block ... other than that does anyone have any suggestions on what we should...
  15. mystery

    Queanbeyan PM, .... Can you recommend a good one?

    Hi all, We have recently bought a property in Queanbeyan NSW, and so far we are not overly impressed with the current property managers. Can someone from SS recommend a reliable and efficient PM in the area. Thanks Martin
  16. mystery

    Labor is very quiet

    I was pondering over the latest round of big four banks money grabbing exercise by yet again increasing rates well above the RBA .25 basis point rise. It's okay for Wayne Swan to say ... vote with your feet and move to another bank, .... where does it get you if they are all increasing above...
  17. mystery

    Sub-Division / Ipswich Qld, .. can anyone recommend ...

    Hi all, We have a 800m2 corner block with a house on one side in Redbank Plains. I would like to sub-divide the block to built another dwelling, but with living in NSW I need to find someone to project manage the process through council for me. I believe that I could commission a Town Planning...
  18. mystery

    What ever happened to inspired conversation ...

    Is it just me or is the SS forum being taken over by a group who can't wait for property prices around the country to plummet. I see a topic on the forum that might be interesting and then find it highjacked by the "doom-n-gloomers" group who make me want to cry into my cup of tea and curl up in...
  19. mystery

    Working out LVR, need help

    Can anyone give me the step by step calculation for working out my current LVR? Thanks Martin
  20. mystery

    Bank bungle causing a headache

    Hi all, Just a frustrating rant from me ..... We rare in the process of purchasing two properties in the Ipswich area. Obviously we signed individual contracts for both properties and have a 45 day and 60 day settlement on them. I went to our lender who we have other I/P loans with and...