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    Are there any tax reductions for FHBs or PPoRs?

    Hello, Filing tax returns is going to be around the corner soon. Are there any tax reductions for first home buyers ? Or any tax breaks for people who have purchased their PPOR ? Cheers,
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    How to calculate rental yield ?

    Hullo, I read this from the forum archives and wanted to ask a few questions How do most of y'all calculate rental yields before investing in a property ? And what is usually an acceptable/good yield percent ? Is rent x 5200 divided by price an accepted way of calculating in today's...
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    How to encash USA check in Australia

    How do y'all reckon one could encash a US cheque in Australia ? What would be the fastest and the least expensive way to do this ?
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    Final inspection woes

    The settlement is on next Friday, for which I attended the final inspection of a new PPOR (my first property) that I am buying and am upset about a few things in the house. How much of lippage (when tiles aren't even or when the grout filling is uneven )in tiles on the floor is acceptable ...
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    How long does it take for titles to be issued?

    After a builder has submitted all paper work to the government, how long does it take for titles to be issued ? I agreed to purchase a property back in October 2014 which was about 90% complete. I was told by REA that he expected the settlement to be complete end of December but may extend...
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    Who is offering the lowest SVR ?

    Which bank is offering the lowest SVR rate with 90% LVR and I/O (loan ~$430k) ? My specific question : I have an unconditional loan from CUA fixed for 3 years at 4.84 I/O, with 100% offset. I am yet to settle on my PPOR and I am beginning to think fixed for 3 years is not a good idea. If I walk...
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    What happens to locked in rates when interest rates fall?

    Hello, I am awaiting settlement on our PPOR. CUA has given unconditional approval and everything is in place - just waiting for the settlement. Now that there is news that there will be rate cuts tomorrow, I am a bit worried. Last time I spoke to my mortgage broker about this possibility...
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    How to decide which account to offset against in a split loan?

    Hello, I am taking a loan of $423k for a PPOR. I had finalized CUA's 3 year fixed loan at 4.84%. As it seemed to be the only loan that came with the assurance of being a fixed rate loan as well as it came with an offset account. Although I am none the wiser, but after reading online, the...
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    Why are my posts/replies awaiting moderator approval ?

    Hello, I have noticed in one thread (by Rixter), whenever I post a reply, it says your post is awaiting moderator approval. I haven't posted since then but I am guessing it will be the same if I reply to other threads. Can anyone please lemme know why my replies are awaiting mod attention ...
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    How to go about PPOR while planning for IP in a year

    We are buying a PPOR priced at 470k. 90%LVR. Paid deposit and await settlement in January. Since am an ICT professional making a bit over $100k I want my monthly repayments to be fairly similar. Right now, CUA's 3 year fixed at 4.89% makes the most sense to us as it offers a 100% offset and...