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  1. kkgirl

    How would you fix this floor plan?

    We have $25,000 to open up this floor plan for weatherboard in Albion. Will source stuff second-hand where possible and do a lot of work ourselves but due to measly budget can't move existing plumbing except to add second toilet to central bathroom. GOALS: Make room for second toilet...
  2. kkgirl

    What are your favourite Value Adding TV shows?

    Have watched all of Selling Houses (after a Somersoftie recommendation) and loved them. What other shows are worth a look?
  3. kkgirl

    Had anyone read "Sold For Top Dollar"?

    Looking at good resources and Sold for Top Dollar by Cheryl Youngson looks like it has some good info. Has anyone read it? Thoughts?
  4. kkgirl

    Floorplan fixer-upper

    What would you do with this floorplan? How would you fix this floorplan on a tight budget? We have 40-50k, which has to also cover re-levelling, painting and re-polishing of floors. Is it doable? NB: The rear bedroom/sunroom/bathroom area is a cheapish step-down extension about 10cms lower...
  5. kkgirl

    First time buying/investing in Melbourne dilemmas

    Hi guys, Need your help. My partner and I have pre-approval (no deposit, with guarantor) for purchase of up to $450k + stamp duty etc. Our aim: To get into the market then use equity to buy closer to city in 3 -5 years by subdividing and keeping, or selling land, house or both. Our...
  6. kkgirl

    Is this block too narrow to build in back?

    BACKGROUND: My partner and I are looking to buy a PPOR on a subdivisible block in Sunshine with the aim of selling the land in a few years and renting out the house and using equity to buy elsewhere. Brimbank council requires 3 metre clearance at side driveway, as well as parking for 2 cars...