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    New house on small block or renovated old house on larger block?

    Hi all, I'm about to spend $500k on an IP, around 15km from Brisbane CBD. I have choices within this budget of a newer house (15 years old) on a 450sqm block or a renovated older house (pre 1985) on a 650sqm block. Current regs in Brisbane are than you can subdivide on an 800sqm block and...
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    Does Brisbane still stack up?

    Hi all, there are so many threads here from investors looking to buy in Brisbane, and I am one of them but I have concerns that the Brisbane economy is following Perth's recent path..noting Queensland/Brisbane has a similar (but smaller) reliance on mining for its economic stability. I...
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    more jobs in brisbane?

    Hi all. What effect is the mining slowdown having on employment and job confidence in Brisbane or is this affecting regional Queensland and not Brisbane? I work in corporate banking and spoke with a risk manager in our Property team in Brisbane this week who focuses on lending proposals across...
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    Views on over capitalising

    Thanks, I will do.
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    Views on over capitalising

    Thanks Pickle but what is the minimum size block for subdivision? I would have thought you need much more than 600sqm to benefit from subdivision.
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    Views on over capitalising

    I have a view that 4 beds allow more flexibility for tenanting given it allows for 2 child families plus guest room or for 3 child families. Suburbs I am looking at are heavily weighted to couples with children rather than single professionals. I am new to this game so if this assumption is...
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    Views on over capitalising

    Hi all, just deciding on my first IP. I know I want a 4 bed house, 10-15k from CBD location, sub 30 years old and not in need of renovation and therefore capable of being tenanted quickly. Budget is $600k and currently focussing on Brisbane. I want a decent land component but unsure as to...
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    Perth Meetup

    Hi Sanj. Sent you a PM and not heard back yet. Please advise address as would like to attend. Thanks.
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    H&L investment experiences

    Thanks to all who have posted on this today. I am looking for a long term hold rather to flip post construction. H&L has appealed for me because the holding costs appear lower than for established. Yields for established are sub 5% in most metro areas (at least in inner and middle rings) and...
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    H&L investment experiences

    Hi all, The new versus established debate is a common subject here, given it is often particularly attractive to new investors (who do not wish to buy old and renovate). Many experienced investors are often critical of buying H&L given the risks of paying a premium (due to the developer...
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    Assessing suburb supply and demand

    Hi all, just bumping this up the list as with 330 views, there must be plenty interest in this subject (hope that's ok mods!). Interested in any thoughts. Thanks. GG.
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    What have you achieved this year!!

    Financial: Established a 15 year plan to build wealth enabling me to comfortably retire at 60. Super is on track but post divorce have zero property ŵealth. Committed to building my understanding of property investment, treating it as a business and acquiring my first IP this year...
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    Assessing suburb supply and demand

    Hi all, any tips on assessing supply and demand in a given suburb? I recognise over supply dangers in certain outer suburbs, eg Craigieburn in Melbourne and Butler/Alkimos in Perth but are there any simple measures in inner and Middle ring suburbs where housing development is limited? Can...
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    Melbourne or Brisbane for 1st IP: CG Strategy

    Hi all. Where do members consider Melbourne and Brisbane to be in the current cycle? Is it fair to say that Melbourne prices are still generally rising but are close to peak and that Brisbane is rising but is nowhere near peaking? Looking for 1st IP. CG strategy. Keen on 5-10 year old...
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    Another where to buy. Brisbane vs. Sydney

    I thought this was a great post but has Melbourne really peaked? Thought prices still rising there, albeit a fair bit slower than Sydney. Thought Melbourne was around '10' with Sydney at '12'. I am looking at both Melbourne and Brisbane so keen to understand if members feel this is a poor time...
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    What research tool subscriptions do members have?

    Just wondering if members here subscribe to any service in particular e.g. RP Data for property sales history/valuation estimate or NMD Data for mortgagee in possession properties? Any tools which assist with searching for target properties in any market (without needing to employ a BA...
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    Where to invest - Anywhere in Aus?

    Is there any way of identifying a property's age through normal Internet real estate websites or do you need say an RP Data subscription. I am new here and always intended on buying new or newly new but this post and many others is making me rethink. Thanks.
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    Using a buy & hold strategy, in how many years did you reach financial independence?

    Hi all. I am new to the forum, currently looking for my first IP and looking to buy 1 at least every 2 years over a 15 year horizon. Thanks to all those who have posted. Highly inspirational for someone starting out. GG
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    New or established?

    Thanks but as a new investor, building anything at this stage is probably a bit of a stretch in terms of risk for me.
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    New or established?

    Thanks all for your responses which have been helpful. I had previously been considering only outer suburbs but clearly looking for nearly new houses in middle ring infill locations makes much sense. Satisfies my requirements of maximising depreciation benefits without outer suburb over supply...